Erlangen: Toy Run 2022 “absolutely fantastic”

  • Gain: Toy Run “absolutely awesome” – charity campaign this Saturday
  • motorcycle parade for sick children and young people – € 30,000 in cash and in kind
  • Skinny 1000 motorcyclists traveled to sick children a joy close

IN Erlangen and surroundings found last Saturday (May 7, 2022) Toy Run Day takes place. The traditional charity campaign has been in existence since 1995. It aims to support sick children and young people and their families with donations of money and goods. The action was “absolutely brilliant” – 30,000 euros in cash and donations in kind were collected.

Erlangen Toy Run 2022: Nearly 1000 motorcyclists from all over Germany present

After two years of restrictions, drivers from all over Germany could look forward to their next Saturday Motorcycles, quads and trikes climb. “We had a really good day and between 800 and 1000 motorcyclists were there,” says Marion Müller, president of the non-profit association “Toy Run – Dreams for Sick Children Erlangen”. In total, about 30,000 euros were donated in cash and in kind.

“And otherwise we only had super-enthusiastic children and parents who watched it with great joy,” explains Müller. The children also had visitors: “A kite, a mouse and a motorcyclist were far from allowed to visit the children. In addition, each child was given a plush kite.” Overall, the response was consistently positive.

“The feeling for the children to see and hear something different and also feel that there is someone who is interested in them and also supports them” is the biggest thing for the association’s chairman. From Dechsendorf, the parade rolled to the children and youth clinic at Erlangen University Hospital. “Finally, she rattles again, that one kilometers long range of vehiclessaid the hospital.

Toy Run Erlangen: Charity campaign raised 20,000 euros in donations last year

The bikers had a lot in their luggage toy and one donation check. “We are so happy that our 28th Toy Run can almost take place again under normal conditions,” Müller said before the event. “The people of Erlangen have long known that apparently hardened cyclists soft heart when it comes to sick children and young people, “said Erlangen Children’s Clinic. Every year they decorated their vehicles with great attention to detail – “some even wrap themselves in lavish costumes”.

Marion Mueller explained all about the purpose and success of the event in February. In 2021, for example, there was a Toy Run day without a convoy. that motorcycle clubs sent two representatives each, who came to Erlangen Children’s Hospital on a specific date and brought greetings and donations to the sick children. To Technical Emergency Response Organization (THW) was even on the road with crane trucks last year to “fun the kids and bring them presents for the balcony”. Due to the work in advance according to Müller’s description more than 40 people on site – and many more active in the background. Then came 2021 20,000 euros of donations together.

In the past, Toy Runs were the kids “with full enthusiasm” been there, the chairman said. She stressed the importance of the campaign: patients needed it, especially in Corona times “Help and variation” in clinical routineG. At Toy Run Day, children and young people could hear the support loudly (through the sound of the machines). “It means: We have not forgotten you, we help you and are by your side”said Mueller.

Erlangen Children’s Hospital: Sick children can also be supported online

In addition, patients at Erlangen Children’s Hospital can again in 2022 supported online will. Also appropriate Toy Run t-shirts is free. All further information regarding Toy Run 2022 available directly from the non-profit organization – by e-mail at or by telephone at the numbers 09131/8541207 or 0179/5982389.

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