Electric 7 Series from BMW: The design should split fans again

Auto Insider: BMW i7: Electric 7 Series from BMW: The design should split fans again

The time has come for Auto China in April: The new BMW 7 Series celebrates its world premiere and will set the new standard in the luxury class. And the electric version of the i7 was also to be unveiled this year. FOCUS Online has the first information.

Anyone driving on the streets of Munich will have a hard time avoiding the new BMW 7 Series, especially in the northern districts. Day in and day out, the still camouflaged G70-generation prototypes drive into the increasingly gigantic business premises and get the final technical touch in FIZ’s development center.

The BMW 7 Series will arrive in 2022

One should rather be careful that it is not little brother BMW 5er / i5, because its new 2024 version is already making its rounds not only on the Bavarian roads. Although there is still some leeway in the development cycle here, things look different with the new BMW seven, because despite the ongoing chip crisis, the first customers should arrive at the end of 2022.

Unlike Mercedes, which put the independent EQS electric model next to the young S-Class, the Bavarians are taking a different approach. The new BMW 7 Series is available not only as a petrol and diesel engine, but also as a plug-in hybrid and electric version i7 in several performance levels on a new multi-platform that can handle all drive types.

BMW offers all drive types in one model

There seems to be another big break in the look of the new top model. After the Munich-based company had already created quite a bit of talk with the design of the innovators and the BMW XM sports SUV, the new 7 Series also breaks with well-known design conventions. If the two previous 7-series generations F01 / F02 (from 2008) and G11 / G 12 (from 2015) could make us forget the overly polarizing design of the smaller filigree whale E65 (2001 to 2008), a new design tragedy, because the ever smaller camouflage foils that are underway can hardly hide the fact that the model will probably create new discussions after the BMW XM.

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There is a threat of design issues

BMW fans can look forward to a completely redesigned interior. Only recently, at the CES computer show in Las Vegas, did BMW introduce the convenience of a new large screen that can be folded out of the roof.

At the market launch at the end of this year, the next seven will be available as before with various six- and eight-cylinder engines. Apart from a basic variant for China, the four-cylinder does not get a chance, nor does the particularly image-enhancing twelve-cylinder, which previously drove the 760. While the 6.6-liter V12 engine is offered unchanged in various Rolls-Royce versions, the new BMW flagship must do without the image-enhancing combustion chamber dozen.

There’s another new V8

Although the current eight-cylinder with its 530 hp in conjunction with the well-known ZF eight-speed automatic is currently the benchmark for driving in the luxury segment, there will be a completely newly developed V8 with supercharging in the medium term. For the first time then probably also as a power hybrid called the BMW M7, which just like in the new luxury SUV in the BMW XM could provide more than 700 hp and thus chase the new Mercedes AMG EQS 53. The electric range of the various plug-in hybrids six and eight cylinders will be over 100 kilometers, and the drive portfolio will cover a range between 250 and almost 750 hp.

i7: It can the electric 7-series

Most variants of the new sevens and thus also the electric i7 will have four-wheel drive as standard. The various i7 versions offer not only driver assistance level three, but also performance between 350 and over 700 hp. The most powerful variant of the new seven series could therefore be an electric model that chases models like Lucid, Nio and Co. The standard consumption for the current i7 prototypes is less than 20 kWh / 100 kilometers. Range: Depending on the selected battery capacity, between 500 and 700 kilometers.

The electric drive, high-voltage battery, power electronics and charging technology of the BMW i7 come from the fifth generation of BMW’s electrical technology already installed in the BMW iX. In extreme minus degrees in northern Sweden, the engine, battery and temperature control of the high-voltage battery in the BMW i7 show their maturity.

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