District of Roth: Suspicious men attract children

  • Schwabach: Kripo investigates a man – he talked to boys with chocolate
  • Frequent incidents in the last few days – tter traded out of the car and on the way to school
  • Kripo arranges the information evening for parents
  • “Effective protection”: The police are there important advice

Due to recent worrying events, the criminal police in Schwabach and the representative of victims of crime in the Central Frankish police headquarters in cooperation with the schools in the Wendelstein market organized an information evening for parents, as reported by the Central Frankish police headquarters. The information evening took place on Monday (May 9, 2022) from kl. 19 in the forest hall in Groschwarzenlohe – where a stranger tried to lure a boy into his car. More than 300 parents attended the event at the invitation of school management at all primary schools in the Wendelstein market and Schwabach’s criminal police.

Information evening at the criminal police for parents of all children

Detective Inspector (KHKin) Sabine Lauterbach (Special Inspectorate for Sexual Offenses of the Schwabach Criminal Police), first explained the actions of the two verified cases and also repeated the personal description of the unknown man. Lauterbach also outlined the previous police actions as well as the ongoing ones to clarify the facts of the case and ensured maximum transparency for the criminal police’s investigative work among the audience. Investigators are taking parents’ concerns very seriously, which is why this investigation is currently a top priority for Schwabach police.

By Tuesday morning (May 3, 2022) has a Unknown man in Groschwarzenlohe (part of Wendelstein municipality in the district of Roth). Child approached in a suspicious manner on the way to school, as reported by the police headquarters in Central Franconia. There was already a Wednesday (April 27, 2022). Similar cases in Rthenbach near St. Wolfgang (also part of the Wendelstein community). The Schwabach criminal police are urgently searching for witnesses.

Groschwarzenlohe: Man with chocolate talking to boys from the vehicle

Around 7.45 the boy was in Erlenstrasse in Groschwarzenlohe walked on a footpath next to the road. On a par with the local sports clubs talked to him according to police unknown man from a vehicle and challenged him below Promise of chocolate to get into the vehicle.

“To child ran away and confided in one at school Teacher to who saw it reported the police“, it says. Already on Wednesday (April 27, 2022) it was inside Rthenbach near St. Wolfgang given a similar incident. Around 7.20 there was a boy with his scooter on the way to school.

In Alte Salzstraße, at the level of the street Am Zehnthof, an unknown man told The child offered chocolate and it asked to go with him. The boy walked away and reported it event at the schoolaccording to police.

Leather jacket, red van: Kripo Schwabach most likely sees “the same suspect”

One manhunt no result in any of the cases. Description of the Unknown Man: Approx 50 to 60 years old, ca 175 – 180 cm highnormal form, short gray hair. The man was in both cases with a card, black leather jacket dressed. The vehicle is one red carprobably one panel van (similar to VW Caddy). ONE Number plate is not known.

that The Criminal Investigation Department in Schwabach have surveys taken. Due to the similar procedure and the largely identical description, there is one high probabilitythat in both cases it is about same suspect can act. Anyone who can provide relevant information in connection with the two incidents, please call 0911 2112-3333.

Due to “extensive investigations and interrogations carried out by the criminal police”, the officials assumed that the two Events cannot be linked to the personwhich is currently being warned about by privately distributed leaflets in the Wendelstein area.

Criminals prefer to talk to certain children: The police give advice to parents

The police take “it citizens’ concerns seriously “, it says in the message – and gives various tips, especially for parents. It probably is most crucial advice: “Children must in everyday life Experience respect and confidencearound develop self-confidence to be able to. “Perpetrators say” preferred insecure children“on.” Self-confidence is therefore one effective protection“, believe the police. In addition, parents should talks regularly about worries and experiences. The child should have the feeling “that they can tell you everything”.

You should also tell your child “Do not be afraid”.but it behavior in threatening situations. Also “Assertive course” can be useful. in emergency it is crucial to “stay calm”, listen to the child and then call the police, they said. The police warns against personally spreading “wanted calls” on social media and chats. “Here you have neither the degree of distribution nor the content of additional distribution messages at hand.” And for prevention? Here is the police information:

  • “Talk to your child Where it may be on its way to school / playground can get help (Shops, doorbells on a front door, busy streets, etc.). “
  • “If possible, send your child in small groups in school with other children or to the playground. “
  • “Label Clothes or school bag are not visible from the outside with the name. If a stranger addresses the child by his first name, a basis of trust is proposed. “
  • “Children must learn keep distance to vehicleswhen spoken to. “
  • “Children need to know you Always reject requests or requests from strangers without being rude. “

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