Calculate the mixing ratio correctly: oil calculator!

Calculate the mixing ratio correctly: oil calculator!

Even in times of electromobility, Euro 7 discussions and OPF filters, many mopeds, motorcycles and even cars are still like that Barkasthat satellite or the vorteborg on our roads traveling with one two-stroke mix must run in the tank. But a mixture may also be needed away from vehicles. For example, in a lawn mower, in a brushcutter (brushcutter), in a chainsaw and even various emergency power generators and RC burners are available with a 2-stroke mix. Did you see mixing ratio do not even calculate what you can find one here Calculator for the oil percentage.

Oil calculator – Two-stroke mixture

In order to determine the right amount of oil, the following steps are necessary. First indicate the amount of gasoline that will be refilled. After putting the specific mixing ratio and select “Calculate”. At the bottom is now the amount of oil you need for the specified amount of gasoline. And in some cases there is still a ready-mixed container, but with the mixing ratio does not match. In this case, the calculator is able to calculate how much oil you need to add must. Of course it is required to know what the mixing ratio is in the container. The perfect mixing ratio is determined by the manufacturer of the vehicle or implement and can be easily found in the manual or on the Internet. In some cases too a sticker on the vehicle attached that provides information.

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To usual mixing ratio for vehicle engines under normal load is included 1:50. Degraded, this means that for one part oil there are 50 parts petrol. The proportion of oil is approx 2%. For engines below heavier conditions more lubrication is needed and the relationship is on 1:40 or even 1:33. For tools such as the mentioned chainsaw, but also for the brushcutter RC internal combustion engine the usual mixture is included 1:25 or 1:40.

to calculate it yourself is not rocket science

Mixing ratio 2 stroke oil calculator tuning 3

To test your math skills and mixing ratio will self calculate, you will also find the right formula for this. This is a simple division. For convenience, it is recommended that you insert the gasoline component milliliters indicate, i.e. liters with 1000 multiply. After the to share the result with larger amount from the determined mixing ratio. The bottom line is that Fraction of oil in milliliters that you need.

  • Here is an example: With a mixing ratio of 1:50 and 5 liters to the required gasoline, the calculation is as follows:
    5 liters * 1000 = 5000 milliliters.
    5000 milliliters / 50 = 100 milliliters.
    So you must 100 milliliters of oil add to your gasoline to a mixing ratio of 1:50 to obtain.
  • Important: forget it does notMake sure your container or tank is good after filling it with oil shake must. The oil must be mixed properly, otherwise the engine may not be properly lubricated.
  • finished mixture: If you do not want to deal with the subject, you can also do what you want directly Buy ready-mix. Either in the online store, at the petrol station, the hardware store or a car garage / car workshop.

There are also motorcycles, scooters or implements that require manual mixing is not necessary. Especially newer vehicles have one separate lubrication (also called fresh oil lubrication / loss lubrication). That is, one tank for the oil and one for the petrol. The mixture itself is prepared and supplied to the engine via a pump during operation. Often there no constant mixing ratio, as the engine adds more or less oil depending on the load. With such a system, the dosage is regulated either depending on the position of the throttle or depending on the speed / load.

Ordinary oils for separate lubrication

  • Motul 710 2-stroke oil
  • Castrol Power 1
  • MANNOL 2-stroke Universal
  • Racing Dynamic Synthoil 2-stroke
  • Motul 800 Off Road 2T

Not every 2-stroke oil is the same. The field of application (scooter, chainsaw, classic car, etc.) is crucial. A motocross bike should be refueled with a different 2-stroke oil than a scooter. And the 2-stroke oil for the chainsaw is usually different from that for the outrageously expensive classic car at home in the garage. The biggest differences are due to the division into varieties fully synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral. Mineral oil is the cheapest, followed by semi-synthetic oil and the most expensive is fully synthetic oil. In any case, it is very important: If 2-stroke oil is specified, then it should be only like that being used. So tip none 4-stroke oil or gear oil as an alternative to petrol.

Mixing ratio 2 stroke oil calculator tuning 4

Of course it was far from it!

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