Benefit concert in the Marktkirche Wiesbaden for children suffering from tumors and leukemia

On Saturday (May 28, 2022) there will be a benefit concert with the Neue Philharmonie Rhein Main in the Marktkirche in Wiesbaden. The concert was arranged for the benefit of the Association for the Promotion of Children with Cancer and Leukemia Mainz eV.

“In the light of death, you realize what you truly love”

It’s thirty years ago that Jochen Heibertshausen was given the horrible diagnosis: acute myeloid (bone marrow) leukemia! A world collapsed. His professional future, private happiness of a young love – gone. He was given a 1% chance of survival, he was told after his recovery. And yet: “In the light of death, one realizes what one really loves”. Jochen decided: if he got his life back, he would dedicate it to music.

The idea of ​​a benefit concert for children suffering from leukemia has been of particular concern to him for a long time and intensified during the shutdown. “The corona pandemic has set our habits in motion, made us reflect on our way of life, but above all has given us space and time for new things.” For the freelance musician, there was only one way forward. Jochen Heibertshausen used the time to give a new impetus to his artistic work. In addition to his work as an orchestra musician as a double bassist under various well-known conductors, he has since his studies been interested in the art of conducting. With a wide range of conductor master classes, he laid the foundation for his work as a conductor. From a young age he was fascinated by the musical message of historical recordings and asked himself the question: “How did they manage it?” During his research, which he was able to assemble and complete in lockdown, he came closer to an answer.

It is not the so-called “historical performance practice” that is more oriented towards material aspects such as historical instruments, but an “organic interpretation”. Heibertshausen tries to trace the work’s basic feeling, its inner flow. “The inner message of a work is conveyed through the vocals, the song.” He wants to make this eternally fluid music tangible. After 1.5 years in lockdown, he founded the Neue Philharmonie Rhein Main to create a creative space with professional musicians, where this type of music production can be developed and implemented. Heibertshausen received a grant in 2021 for the practical implementation of the idea of ​​”organic interpretation” and showed in January 2022 at the New Year’s concert in Giessen, which was highly praised by the public and the press, what it means to him.

For the upcoming benefit concert on World Leukemia Day, there should be an institution that would be financially supported by the concert

The choice quickly fell on the “Friendship Association for Children with Cancer and Leukemia” in Mainz, which takes care of patients and their families from all over the Rhine-Main area and beyond. The work on the facility at Lindenschmitstraße 53, adjacent to the university clinic, is exemplary in terms of psychosocial care for those affected and their families. For this purpose, a professional team consisting of a social worker, a family and grief counselor, an art therapist, a music teacher and an educator is available. To alleviate the pressure and lack of time in nursing, the association funds two additional nursing staff and a ward assistant in the pediatric cancer ward. In the parents’ house, the relatives find another home during their child’s therapy. These and many other offers are funded solely by donations. The association receives no state support.

Fortunately, both the mayors of Wiesbaden and Mainz, Mr Gert-Uwe Mende and Mr Michael Ebling, have agreed to be patrons of the event.

At the benefit concert on 28 May 2022 in the Marktkirche Wiesbaden, Jochen Heibertshausen will present an extremely attractive program with the Neue Philharmonie Rhein-Main. JS Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G major, BWV 1048, WA Mozart’s clarinet concerto in B major, KV 622, and Lv Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7 in A major, Op Mozart’s clarinet concerto will also be on site.

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