Bamberg: Begging children observed in the city center

Anna Villmeter has repeated in recent weeks begging children perceived in the center of Bamberg. that describes the same to the editorial staff several incidents, which she observed within a short time. that minors was taken by adult women to accompany them – presumably for the purpose of attracting passers-by Sympathy to wake. On the other hand, the children are also begging targeted been laid on the people.

For example, Villmeter observed how on Thursday (April 28, 2022) an approx five to six year old boy from a “lady in the 60s” to food trucks at Maxplatz was sent in advance to beg money from the waiting people. “The little one was sent there again and again by the woman”, reports Villmeter, noticeably excited. “I would never expect begging people not to be allowed in the cities. But begging children in Germany – I can not stand it.”

Bambergerin repeatedly begs children in the city center – the police describe the situation

In addition to the scene described on Maxplatz, Villmeter tells of similar observations. So she apparently had one in late April and early May pregnant woman perceived it with a roughly four year old girl in front of Bamberg Martin’s Church sad. By fork man and in pedestrian crossing I also have another wife with an approx ten year old girl actively approached passers-by for several days. “If adults do, I have no problem with it,” Villmeter emphasizes. “But there is a difference in when a child is involved. These kids will in my eyes abused. “

Like the police station in Bamberg town reported, be it Begging “in itself” not prohibited. “In general, one can say that the so-called “aggressive / intrusive begging” according to the city law for the city of Bamberg can constitute an administrative offense, “explains police councilor Johannes Klinger. According to the current legal situation, any form of” not purely passive asking for money “is perceived as” aggressive “or” intrusive “.” In this case, the police determine the personal information about beggars, possibly securing the requested money and initiating an administrative infringement procedure. ”

concrete Begging incidents involving children is Bamberg police but apparently not known. The same apparently applies to intrusive begging. “In 2022, the police inspectorate in Bamberg-Stadt no cases of aggressive begging in Bamberg’s city center has been documented and reported, “states Klinger. In some German cities – including Berlin, Krefeld and Dresden – an explicit warning has been in place for years. Prohibition of begging for children (usually up to 14 years). In Switzerland, begging is now largely banned, even for adults.

Should money be given to beggars? It advises the Bamberg police

that Location in Bamberg is meanwhile apparently relatively quiet, at least according to police. In the past be it “sporadic” came to police operations due to begging in the area of ​​Bamberg town center. “If the police become aware of such matters, they will be legally investigated by a patrol on the spot,” explains Police Councilor Klinger. Whether the beggar is actually in need or part of one “gang-like organized structure” action, can not always be clearly distinguished even for the local police.

Represents the beggar with intent to deceive further untrue allegations to raise money, this may, according to police, also meet the original suspicion of a criminal offense. “Should be specific Children are used for begging legal measures to protect minors would also be conceivable and should be controlled by the responsible youth protection. “Begging control was carried out on the initiative of the police -” or in that direction messages is made by citizens at the police station, “adds the Police Council.

He advises passers-by: “Citizens of Bamberg encourage we in specific individual cases ask the Bamberg police in an intrusive way and / or when we do so children involved must report proactively and promptly by telephone. “Police are on messages instructed by attentive citizens. According to Klinger, anyone who is in doubt about whether they will give money to a beggar or not should proceed as follows. “If you’re allowed Doubt about the situation of the beggars do not interfere in a conversation and do not donate money. “Caritas also has comprehensive tips for dealing with begging.

“Make me thoughtful and suspicious”: Observations do not release the witness

Donations in kind are also a good thing for Anna Villmeter. “I keep asking begging adults if I can bring them something from the baker. Most of them are happy for a coffee.” She likes it and does not judge anyone. “But with the kids, my heart is already bleeding.” Villmeter says that the actively begging woman, accompanied by the girl of about ten years, was given something to eat and drink selected by the baker. “When I wanted to bring something to the lady in front of the church, she was already gone.”

On other continents one can see begging children “unfortunately long”. “Everyone there also gets to know the kids never moneybut should provide something to eat and drink. “The children should not normally hand over groceries either.” The adults behind are only interested in the money. “For Bamberg, Villmeter would like more civil courage in addition to increased controls.” It makes me thoughtful and suspiciousto see it in the middle of Bamberg city center Children abused to beg without anyone interfering. ”

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