Are half of the corona patients in the hospital really vaccinated? Simple calculation clears things up

Reportedly, 50 percent of Covid 19 patients in the intensive care unit have been vaccinated – so the vaccination does nothing, some say. But behind this conclusion lies a fatal miscalculation.

bed-intensive care unit with patient

The rate of hospitalization is rising: more and more Covid-19 patients, including those vaccinated, need to be treated in the fourth wave. Meanwhile, rumors continue about the effectiveness of the vaccination.


Rumor continues: 50 percent of those hospitalized with Covid-19 have been vaccinated. If you look at comment columns and posts on social media, you will find that there are a number of people who draw the conclusion that the corona vaccination does not work. This is also driven by reporting from some media and AfD federal spokesman Timo Chrupalla also used this logic in an interview. He told Deutschlandfunk that “140 people are currently hospitalized in his constituency. Of those 140 people, 70 are fully vaccinated and 70 are not. So you can see the ratio is 50/50 in some hospitals.” So the vaccination does not work as expected.

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