World of Women Galaxy NFT: High demand for new collection – is the price exploding now?

World of Women – this is an NFT project developed by Yam Karkai. The first World of Women NFT collection was launched on July 27, 2021. This consisted of 10,000 randomly generated NFT images designed on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens. Following the success of the first NFT collection, World of Women fans did not have to wait too long for the ecosystem to expand. Because at the end of March, the World of Women was expanded with the Galaxy NFTs. The demand was huge for Mønten, the opportunities are significant. Should one now buy the World of Women Galaxy in the form of increasing value, or are there better alternatives?

What are World of Women Galaxy NFTs?

World of Women Galaxy NFTs is the second collection of World of Women. The vision behind the project is to further develop Web3. At the same time, they want to improve gender equality and female participation in the crypto world. According to the project managers, women are still very underrepresented.

“According to research published in November 2021, female artists accounted for only 5% of all NFT art sales in the previous 21 months. WoW is on a mission to change this. Together, we can create opportunities for everyone around the world to be owners. , creators and contributors in this new era of the web. “

The new World of Women Galaxy NFT collection follows the same vision. WoW should now reach the next level by expanding the community. Because those responsible rely on an exciting combination of reward and public sale.

The World of Women Galaxy NFTs Mint was just the next step on a long journey. Founder Yam Yarkai recently announced in a tweet that following the launch of the World of Women Galaxy NFTs, new development steps have already been taken. They also want to recruit more crypto experts to make the ecosystem even wider.

Rewards for WoW Holders and Successful Public Sales

The new collection of World of Women Galaxy NFTs consists of exactly 22,222 non-fungible tokens. All existing WoW holders had the opportunity to receive a new WoW Galaxy NFT for free. However, you should compensate for the gas charges. The public sale also included an additional 10,000 NFTs – the auction was extremely successful. In addition, there was a permitted list of 2,222 non-fungible tokens from the World of Women Galaxy NFT collection. In total, there were 22,222 NFTs.

Sold out in 24 hours: WoW more popular than ever

The demand for World of Women Galaxy NFTs was huge. In the first 24 hours after launch, $ 79 million was generated, including $ 34 million in revenue from previous Mint revenue. An additional $ 45 million was generated from secondary market transactions. Since its launch in late March 2022, approximately 23,000 ether trading volumes have been traded with World of Women Galaxy NFTs on the NFT marketplace OpenSea. The floor price is now around 1.58 Ether and is well over USD 4000.

World of Women Galaxy NFT Course: Here’s the reason the value may skyrocket!

After a strong start, why could the value of World of Women Galaxy NFTs continue to rise? In the following section, we look at the benefits that come with a WoW Galaxy NFT.

First, WoW Galaxy owners receive intellectual property of their non-fungible token. They can also participate in the WoW gala. But many World of Women fans are likely to buy the NFTs because of their vision. Then it plays an important role to help shape the future of the NFT project. This is possible with DAWoW, your own DAO. Special benefits or participation in the metaverse of the sandbox game, which is to be realized in the near future, could also create value.

Buy World of Women Galaxy NFTs now?

The World of Women Galaxy NFTs are an exciting NFT collection designed to expand the WoW ecosystem. Demand was already high in the first few weeks after the launch of the new non-fungible tokens. The World of Women Galaxy NFTs follow an exciting approach and fit perfectly into the spirit of today. Because equality and participation should also play a role in the cryptorum of the future. WoW’s second collection, created and illustrated by Yam Karkai, offers upward potential. The sandbox version of the non-fungible token should be released soon to stand up for more similarity in the metaverse

New cryptocurrency right after release: Lucky Block

  • Just after release favorable jump in
  • decentralized Blockchain platform
  • High chances of winning for more coins
  • Most promising crypto concept 2022

Lucky block picture

Building a Promising NFT Portfolio: New NFT Release with Future Potential!

Without a doubt, the World of Women Galaxy NFTs provide a promising NFT portfolio whose crypto fans want to be part of the vision. An NFT portfolio should still contain other non-fungible tokens. New NFT releases where buyers could take advantage of the hype are also particularly promising. To capture the full performance, let’s take a look at the Lucky Block NFTs that were coined just a few weeks ago.

Three Reasons to Buy Lucky Block NFTs!

Below we will look at three reasons that speak in favor of buying the Lucky Block NFTs. Why could Lucky Block’s first NFT collection, The Platinum Rollers Club, increase in value?

Lifetime ticket to crypto lottery

With the purchase of Lucky Block NFTs, owners receive a lifetime ticket to the NFT lottery. Daily raffles will be held here. Profits come from transaction fees. A total of 2% of the transaction fees will be used for the NFT lottery according to the Lucky Blocks concept. It is true that it is the smallest part of the fees. However, only 10,000 NFT holders can enter, giving a lucrative 1 in 10,000 chance of winning.

2. The community continues to grow!

Cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens also depend on society’s demand. The Lucky Block community continues to grow. There are now around 50,000 LBLOCK holders, and over 30,000 people follow the crypto lottery on Twitter. As society continues to grow, so can demand. Lucky Block is apparently only at the beginning of development.

3. Is the new Lucky Block hype coming?

Lucky Block Coin exploded after listing on PancakeSwap. Then there was profit taking. With a price increase of 15% within the last seven days, the trend could be reversed. The launch of the iOS app, the desktop version, the first lottery lottery and other marketing gimmicks could increase demand in the coming weeks.

Anyone interested in the Lucky Block NFTs can purchase the non-fungible tokens with potential on the new NFT LaunchPad platform.

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