These are the 6 most important benefits of good website design

You have built your business, the business is running – but is there still a problem with website design? Then you definitely need to pay more attention to this. We tell you the six most important benefits of good web design.

Your website design is about much more than just a beautiful look. The e-commerce experts at Red Website Design have gathered the key benefits of good web design in one infographic. Find out below what benefits a good design of your website brings: From the first impression to gaining trust and consistency.

1. First impressions count

What is the first thing that catches the attention of your website visitors? Exactly: designed. The first few seconds of a website visit can make a big difference, so in addition to quality content, you should also pay attention to compelling design. Website design plays a significant role in brand perception. With an appealing design of your website, you can make a positive impression on your potential customers right from the start.

A good web design supports your SEO strategy

Not only customers but also search engines prefer user-friendly websites and a generally well-thought-out web design. A good website design should therefore also be an essential part of your SEO strategy. Ultimately, web design and SEO have the same goal: to provide site visitors with the relevant information and help the business succeed.

3. Good design = good customer service

If you do not make an effort to have an appealing website design, you probably do not make the big effort in customer service – at least that’s how it looks in the eyes of your website visitors. Another important benefit of good website design is that it shows respect for the customers. This in turn gives the impression of an overall helpful customer service. If the website already lacks usability, customers do not expect to be able to rely on a helpful service if they have questions or issues.

Earn the trust of the target group

A visually unattractive website can not only convey a lack of respect, but often also appears questionable. In general, very few people trust a website whose design is poorly thought out. If your site looks unstructured or dated, getting visitors will build trust. So make sure you keep your design up to date and user friendly.

5. Follow the competition

Hardly any argument could be more convincing: Those who lag behind in terms of website design are often miles behind the competition. For the fact is that most brands today place great emphasis on an appealing website because their customers do too. So if you want to keep up with the competition – and ideally overtake them – you should not neglect website design.

6. Good web design ensures coherence

An important aspect that distinguishes good websites from poorly designed pages is design consistency. Therefore, make sure to use the same fonts, letters and layout on the different pages of your online presence. An inconsistent site looks unprofessional and will quickly cause your customers to run against the competition. A uniform design, on the other hand, exudes competence and consistency.

Hopefully, these six benefits have convinced you of the importance of your website design. If you have these in mind, nothing should stand in the way of an appealing web design and the success of your website. All insights can be found in the infographic below. You can find inspiration for your website design at Awwwards, a competitive organization for web design and development.

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