The most beautiful playgrounds in the Rottweil district

Children’s hearts beat faster: We have put together the most beautiful playgrounds in the Rottweil district. (symbol photo) Photo: Aleph Studio / Shutterstock

Are the little ones out of baby age? Then you are missing a nice playground. Here, too, what counts is that the variety wins. We have listed some beautiful specimens in the Rottweil district.

Rottweil District – Playgrounds have always been a magical place for children. From the first works of art or cakes in the sandbox, swinging as high as possible followed by a long jump, or “moze” and frolicking in the water area – all connect playgrounds with memories of carefree childhood. For parents, the visit in the meantime is often a welcome break for a chat over a cup of coffee. We looked around the Rottweil district to see where there might be unusual places for kids to laugh.

“Holy Garden” in Schenkenzell

The beautifully landscaped playground with mining theme in the leisure area “Heilig Garten” in the center of Schenkenzell offers many opportunities for climbing and balancing. Sliding down from the mine tower is a lot of fun, and the water play area for damming and splashing in the mud provides a cooling in the summer. Thanks to awnings, it does not get too hot on the sandy surface.

Directions: Simply enter “Heilig-Garten 4 i 77773 Schenkenzell” in the navigation system.

Adventure playground with adventure farm Schmid in Waldmössingen

In the district of Schramberg, this playground impresses in itself with its spaciousness and the large selection of equipment outside in the countryside. However, it is unsurpassed for a day trip due to its location next to the football field and the fairytale farm with its many animals – and mom and dad can also see something interesting with the Roman fort just around the corner.

Directions: For centrally located parking spaces, go to “Weiherwasenstraße 1 at 78713 Schramberg”.

Rottweil – Playground at Nagelesgraben

The large playground at Rottweiler Nagelesgraben is one of the most popular and most visited playgrounds in the city. With its selection of play equipment, it invites both the smaller and the older children to frolic and discover. The proximity to the city center – in a few minutes you are at the “black gate” – and to the opposite Culinara is appreciated by many.

Directions: Enter “Schlachthausstraße 10 i 78628 Rottweil” in the navigation system.

Playground at Winzeln-Schramberg airfield

The large playground, newly designed by the Black Forest Air Sports Club, is not only located in the middle of many beautiful hiking trails and right next to a pizzeria, where young guests can enjoy themselves after playing. It also offers views of the local airfield runway, so kids can either watch the real planes fly or even become young pilots on a blue climb-and-wear-fly play set.

Directions: “Approach” via the navigation addresses “Flugplatzweg 1 i 78733 Aichhalden”.

Playground at Hofboschhütte in Bösingen

Picturesquely situated in the forest, the local group Schwäbischer Albverein has made an effort to create a wonderful place for children with lots of beautiful play equipment at the Hofboschhütte in the Bösinger forest.

Directions: The cabin does not have its own address – but can be found by entering “Bösinger Hütte” in “google maps” or turning off at the nearby “Kasperleshof 1 in 78662 Bösingen”.

“Das Sommereckle” – the dream place for nature lovers Schramberg

Officially, according to the address, it is already in the Ortenau district, but the “summer corner” is one of the day trip destinations in the area. If you have time for a long walk before visiting the playground, where you can also admire the animal world in a rustic pond, you can start from “Fohrenbühl”. The Nature Friends’ Schramberg House, located over the romantic Kirnbach Valley overlooking the Vosges, is also catered for.

Directions: Enter “Summer row 1 in 77709 Wolfach” in the navigation system.

Forest playground in Sulz-Bergfelden

In the Bergfelden district of Sulz, visitors will find a huge forest playground at the end of the connection between Waldstrasse and Weiherstrasse. There the children can climb, glide, ride in the cable car, balance and much more to their liking. There is also a small shelter and – important for energy enough – a large barbecue area, but you must inform the local administration that you would like to use it.

Directions: At the point where the roads meet, go onto the “Waldstraße & Weiherstraße at 72172 Sulz am Neckar” – then go straight ahead.

Oberndorf: playground at Dollau

The playground at Dollau in Oberndorf am Neckar not only attracts with a slide, climbing frame or plenty of space to let off steam. A little away from the hustle and bustle of traffic, the playground is directly between Neckar and a piece of forest – a mini golf course with kiosk is also very close. In front of a wonderful natural backdrop, parents can listen to the soft murmur of the river – if the children allow it.

Directions: To get to Turnerheim, take the “Austraße 15” at 78727 Oberndorf am Neckar.

Multi-generation place in Dornhan

Dornhan municipality has created a real “something-for-all” playground in the northern part of the district with its new multi-generation playground: you can play table football or basketball on the fenced small playground, and the younger ones can steam out on the large playground with slide. In the toddler area there is a fountain for spraying and sanding. There is also a disabled toilet block.

Directions: With the GPS to “Bezweiler Straße 12 in 72175 Dornhan”.

Game landscape at Mühlbachhalle Mariazell

In Mariazell, not only was the school renovated, there are also new play equipment in the countryside. Between Mühlbachhalle and the primary school, children can frolic to their heart’s content – and above all, use the new climbing device in wood, which offers many possibilities. But there are also slides and seesaws.

Directions: In the GPS: Enter “Lange Gasse 15 i 78664 Eschbronn-Mariazell”.

Playground at Folkeskolen Hardt

Boredom does not stand a chance in Hardt, even a few kilometers away: Various climbing equipment, slides and seesaws provide plenty of variety. There is also plenty of seating for parents to watch their offspring or have a chat. But the big eye-catcher is the futuristic climbing device at the entrance to the playground, where you can tumble diligently.

Directions: Drive to “Ostlandstraße at 78739 Hardt” – there are parking spaces at Arthur-Bantle-Halle there.

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