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Lamborghini offers “Space Keys” for sale
Physical object related to digital art
Entry into the NFT market “logical connection”

Lamborghini launches NFT collection

The trend around NFTs is currently unstoppable. More and more companies are launching their own collections of non-fungible tokens. For example, adidas and Prada recently announced a collaboration to release a number of digital collectibles that will also find their way to Metaverse. Other luxury manufacturers such as Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga followed suit. With Lamborghini, another luxury goods manufacturer is now entering the NFT market. As the Italian sports car manufacturer already announced in January 2022, they now also want to participate in the hype surrounding NFTs. The subsidiary of the German car manufacturer Volkswagen recently announced a series of space art works entitled “Space Key”. The project is limited to five pieces, according to a press release, and includes a “fragment of advanced carbon fiber composite material that Lamborghini sent to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2019 as part of a research collaboration.” According to Lamborghini, after the substance returned to Earth in 2020, it was first scientifically researched before being used in the automaker’s NFT project.


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“Space Keys” are designed to connect physical collectibles with digital art

Each of the five Space Key copies has a QR code on the back that allows the owner to view an exclusive work of art that is attached to the physical collectible but is in digital form only. “Innovation is a deeply rooted part of Lamborghini’s DNA,” Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann said in the press release. “As a leader in carbon fiber composites in the automotive industry, we have pushed the boundaries of what is possible with the collaborative project in space that was launched two and a half years ago. Going into the metaverse proves once again that it is part of “Lamborghini’s nature. To explore new horizons. We are being invited by the NFT world and are excited to join this passionate and innovative community.”

“Interface between the digital and the physical world”

When the NFT project was first announced, the designer behind the digital equivalents was not named. However, it is now known that it is the Swiss artist Fabian Oefner. “What interested me in creating this project was the interface between the digital and physical world,” said the creator behind the digital designs, according to a project announcement. “This fascination can be seen in two aspects of the project: the vehicle and its components on the one hand, where something physical and real transforms into something digital, the photograph of a moment that has never existed. And on the other hand, the carbon fiber part, something physical and tangible, which serves as the key to the digital experience of the work of art. In both cases, there is a metamorphosis from the physical to the digital world. ” Oefner is, according to his own statement, inspired by science when he creates his works of art and pays special attention to detail.

High-resolution works of art should impress with their depth of detail

Although the artworks may appear to be computer-generated, Lamborghini says the motifs were collected from physical elements and photographed. More than 1,500 individual parts of a real Lamborghini car can be seen, and the background showing the curvature of the earth is also real. The photo was taken by Oefner with a camera hung in a weather balloon and maneuvered to the edge of the stratosphere. The finished images each have more than 600 million pixels, so more details can be seen by zooming in, the company said. “To me, this work is not about a car,” the artist behind the series said in a press release. “This work is about memories. It’s not only about disassembling the vehicle, but also about Space Key, the carbon fiber key. [] So the destination of the journey is the moon, the place that sets in motion our imagination. We are all explorers and want to discover new worlds. ”

The auctions lasted 75 hours and 50 minutes each

Meanwhile, the five works of art have been auctioned off via a website made specifically for the purpose. The NFT platform NFT PRO and the auction house RM Sotheby’s acted as partners. Between February 1st and February 4th, interested parties could bid on the Space Keys, where each auction lasted 75 hours and 50 minutes – exactly the time it took for the Apollo 11 space mission to leave Earth and enter the lunar orbit. The auctions started with a delay of 15 minutes to the previous one. The minimum bid was $ 100 – but this amount was significantly exceeded. While the artwork titled “T + 0072S” brought in the lowest amount of $ 70,000, the design “T + 0075S” generated the highest revenue in the project at $ 203,636.

The NFT community and Lamborghini form ‘logical connection’

Although the Space Key project is the sports car manufacturer’s first foray into the NFT world, the concept fits the brand perfectly, as CEO Winkelmann confirmed to “The Verge” portal. “The NFT community is a fairly young and innovation-oriented audience,” the CEO explained. “They have similar values ​​and interests as Lamborghini as a company or the Lamborghini community in general, so that was a pretty logical connection.” Although the VW subsidiary has not yet commented on a follow-up series, upcoming NFT projects do not appear to be completely out of the world.

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