Game coins: Five cryptocurrencies with tibagger potential

GameFi, blockchain games or play-to-earn are terms that many investors associate with future potential. So if you are looking for a tenbagger in the crypto market, you can not avoid the popular game coins. Because here a price development of over 1000% in a few years could easily be possible.

Therefore, in the following article, we do not want to philosophize about the general potential for a long time, but look at five exciting game coins that definitely have a tibagger potential. But of course, never ignore the risks when investing in new and small coins. So which gaming coins could surpass the market in 2022 and develop better than Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co.?

What are game coins?

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more accepted in society. With over 18,000 tokens and cryptos, there are an almost immeasurable number of application scenarios. Many coins are aimed at an industry in high growth: the gaming market. The different game coins can be assigned to the GameFi trend. Gaming coins are used in blockchain games or as a gamified element in so-called DApps. The use case is ready – anyone who uses DApp or plays the blockchain game can pay with the game coins or receive them as a reward. Because with play-to-earn concepts, it is now possible to make money while playing blockchain games.

1. Lucky Block: Crypto ecosystem focusing on games, metaverse and NFTs

The selection of game coins is almost immeasurable. New cryptocurrencies keep coming out aimed at that high-growth market. In January 2022, the Lucky Block pre-sale was successfully completed. This was followed by an explosive price development that made LBLOCK the record-breaking cryptocurrency. But profit-taking has pushed the LBLOCK price down around 90%, which can create a buying opportunity in the form of a long-term potential. Just to reach the highest level again would make Lucky Block a tibagger again.

Lucky Block wants to build a crypto ecosystem with a focus on long-term gaming. The crypto-give-away platform was originally launched for this purpose. From mid-May, there will likely be daily raffles where participants will receive lucrative prizes distributed in LBLOCK tokens. At the same time, the first own NFT collection was brought, which also gives the right to lifelong participation in the NFT lottery. Metaverse elements, GameFi applications and other NFTs will follow in the future. If acceptance rises, lucrative profits become possible, and society continues to grow, a renewed rise in prices is likely to occur.

2. ApeCoin: When Metaverse arrives, ApeCoin explodes

The year 2021 undoubtedly belonged to the NFTs. Non-fungible tokens like the Bored Ape Yacht Club experienced a unique hype. So it seems hardly surprising that the creators behind Ape want to build a diverse ecosystem where a native token will also act as a means of payment. Therefore, ApeCoin was launched in 2022, which developed into the best metaverse and gaming coin in a few weeks.

Behind ApeCoin, ApeCoin DAO stands as a decentralized organization, so that ApeCoin holders can significantly influence further development. ApeCoin can be used for all future YugaLabs products in the Ape ecosystem. The potential on the upside seems significant as the Ape NFTs are already enjoying prominent support.

STEPN: GameFi meets sports

STEPN (GMT) was also launched in 2022 and is an exciting gaming coin. In a matter of weeks, STEPN was able to reach the top 100 in the crypto market. The goal is to target the fitness market to use gamification to promote exercise in everyday life and motivate people to engage in sports activities. STEPN is developing its own web 3.0 platform where one can earn GMT tokens after purchasing sneaker NFTs.

Following the launch of STEPN, the roadmap includes exciting development steps. With multi-chain wallet and marketplace upgrades, compatibility needs to be pushed forward to make STEPN attractive to mass crypto investors. In the future, a reward system will be implemented and social fi-elements will be integrated. You can therefore make money with the game coin if you move in everyday life.

4. Illuvium: Game coin for battle in the open world

Following an initial hype, the Illuvium coin experienced a massive corrective move. That’s why ILV is currently trading around 80% below the all-time high. However, this should not hide the fact that Illuvium has become a tenbagger with a performance of around 1300% over the last 11 months. With a market value of around DKK 250 million. USD seems a further tenfold increase possible, so that Illuvium as a gaming currency will subsequently have a market value of about 2.5 billion. USD.

Because blockchain games are enjoying greater popularity. With its open world structure, Illuvium is considered an exciting game that has also experienced increasing demand. Players can play Illuvium with NFT’s collectibles and play-for-earn model.

The game is based on the leading Ethereum blockchain. In 2022, it was launched on Windows and Mac PCs. Rewards in the game are paid in ILV. In the battle arena, players can compete with competitors to make money while playing.

5. Monsta Infinite: Game coin with the best momentum

If you are looking for the best playing coins at Coingecko, you will inevitably encounter Monsta Infinite at the moment. In the last seven days, the price has risen by almost 10%. According to this ranking, MONI is the game coin with the best momentum.

Gaming coin ranking

Monsta Infinite is a decentralized blockchain game that has three different concepts inherent in it:

  • Interact with Play for social
  • Create with Play to control
  • Make Money Play to make money

Players can thus act in the network with other players, help shape further development and even make money.

Why invest in gaming coins?

Why should crypto investors buy gaming coins? This can initially be justified by looking at the market environment. Gaming is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Combined with the use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, a disruption of the conventional gaming industry may be imminent. If the inherent benefits of the crypto market emerge and blockchain games are established, demand will increase rapidly. A price increase on gaming coins would be possible.

A promising cryptocurrency is Lucky Block as it has a diversified approach to games, crypto giveaways and NFTs. Access to Metaverse is also targeted. With Gaming Coin Lucky Block you can not only participate in daily prize draws, but also speculate in a brilliant price rally. Because Lucky Block has already shown the hype potential that lies in the crypto project.

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