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The idea of ​​sustainability is becoming more and more present in private life and everyday life. Companies are also looking for ways to protect the environment and the climate – and ideally also their wallets. Used office furniture from well-known manufacturers and designers combines both. Paul Objekteinrichtung GmbH buys well-preserved branded office furniture, prepares it and sells it at fair prices.

High quality office furniture is not cheap. When it comes to office interior design, do not skimp on quality, after all, it is important for employees to have ergonomic, comfortable and well-equipped workplaces in order to work efficiently. The office equipment must also be representative of the customers, especially reception areas and conference rooms. Here it is important to make a perfect first impression and come up with a modern decor and a harmonious decor. With the processing and sale of used designer and branded office furniture, Paul Objekteinrichtung GmbH gives companies the opportunity to buy quality products at attractive prices and at the same time act in the interests of sustainability. Because every office chair and desk that is not discarded avoids waste and protects the environment.

The smart refurnishing of the office space: cheap and high quality

Paul Objekteinrichtung GmbH offers first-class used office furniture that works perfectly and often has no or only minimal visual defects. An ideal option for companies that want to save money on office equipment and still do not want to sacrifice quality. Start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises, but also large companies benefit from cheap offers that are similar to the idea of ​​sustainability. The furniture – including desks, shelves, filing cabinets, conference tables and chairs – comes, for example, from office liquidations or from companies that are remodeling their offices. The furniture used is often almost intact – so why should it be thrown away when it looks good in other workplaces, in new offices and medical centers? A smart solution that enables quality despite low costs.

As a supplier of used office furniture with many years of experience, Paul Objekteinrichtung GmbH places emphasis on quality and branded goods when selecting objects. The range includes only furniture from well-known manufacturers and no inferior products. The used and renovated office furniture is delivered throughout Germany from the warehouse and showroom in Hamburg. An assembly service can be ordered on request.

Organizational systems, spaceships, functional desks and more

It does not matter if it is a law firm, a dentist’s office, an advertising agency’s office or a travel agency: storage space and comfortable workplaces are required everywhere. Paul Objekteinrichtung GmbH’s product range includes everything a business premises should not be besides: spacious sideboards, some with lockable doors, deep filing cabinets and shelving systems that enable a neat and manageable filing. Functional desks with adjustable heights are also in demand. It is possible to work sitting or standing – this position change has a positive effect on health aspects such as the back muscles or the cardiovascular system. Equally important are ergonomic desk chairs that allow for an optimal sitting position. If you rely on tested quality, new items can become very expensive – the used furniture from Paul Objekteinrichtung GmbH is a cheaper and equally high quality alternative.

Sustainability is the business philosophy of Paul Objekteinrichtung GmbH

In the spirit of recycling, Paul Objekteinrichtung GmbH has set itself the goal of giving used and well-preserved office furniture a new life. Not only does the company actively promote resource conservation through the purchase and sale of high quality used furniture, the office furniture rental also supports this idea. It allows companies to rent furniture for a certain period of time – for example as part of a project that requires many employees on site – and then return them instead of buying them. Of course, it also happens that office furniture is badly worn and is no longer suitable for renting or selling. Then Paul Objekteinrichtung GmbH will conscientiously take care of the environmentally friendly disposal, including dismantling and transport.

Used quality office furniture in the showroom in Hamburg

As a company with many years of experience, Paul Objekteinrichtung GmbH has an eye for well-preserved used high-quality office furniture. In order for interested parties to get an overview of the product range and condition, the company offers in addition to buying in the online shop also the opportunity to use the showroom with a 3000 square meter warehouse in Hamburg on Liebigstrasse 2-20, House 14-15 to visit Entrance I. Here, the committed employees answer questions and help with the selection. It is also possible to buy products directly on site and take them with you or have them delivered. In any case, buyers can rely on detailed advice and professionally cleaned and refurbished used furniture at reasonable prices.

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