BrickLink Designer Program 2021: Europriser and set numbers known

Bricklink Designer Program Round 2 Title

Update (November 5 at 7:05 p.m.): LEGO has meanwhile listed the sets of the second round of the Bricklink Designer program in LEGO’s online shop. There they can now be found via search (we have linked the respective searches in the list below, so just click on them). Although you will be redirected back to Bricklink if you choose a particular set there, we were able to find out both the euro prices and the set numbers from the list in the store that we have listed for you below.

The prices are in very good agreement with our assumptions, as we did a few days ago when Brickwest Studios was pushed back to round three and the Venetian houses were advanced. All prizes are as expected, except for Retro Bowling Alley and Ruined House, which luckily are € 10 and € 5 cheaper than we thought.

Speaking of Venetian houses, this project has recently been listed on the Bricklink Designer Program project page with updated images that now include the minifigures. A detailed update will follow over the next few days.

A message: First we accidentally included an old image, the used image now shows the actual new version.

Bricklink Bdp 2021 round 2 Venetian houses New
The updated design of the Venetian houses.

What are your thoughts on the prizes for the second round of Bricklink Designer Program 2021? Do you think the price-performance ratio is fair? Which sets are of interest to you due to the lower euro prices? Write it to us in the comments.

Initial post (October 21, 2021): There is news about the start of the second BDP round! After the process was delayed by the 1st round, the next crowdfunding round finally starts in November. We have gathered all the information we already know, including prices and pieces for the nine sets!

BrickLink Designer Program 2021 is the repeat of the 2019 AFOL Designer Program and aims to crowdfund fan models with support from LEGO on BrickLink and thus bring them home to the fans. 31 LEGO Ideas designs were invited to the BDP, which had reached 10,000 followers but was not implemented. They now get another chance in BDP! All information about BDP can always be found on our current BrickLink Designer Program page.

Information about the 2nd BDP round

The second round of the BrickLink Designer program starts this evening November 9. gone 21 o’clock German time must start, so you must be ready to order on time. For as in the previous BDP round, will only the 5 models implemented it first 3000 times pre-ordered. In everything from any successful crowdfunded BDP set a maximum of 10,000 copies are sold – once they are sold, there is no other way to get the sets.

Of the other 4 sets in this round that do not reach the goal fast enough, the building instructions will only be provided once the sets have been shipped. Exactly when sets of second round will be sent is still unknown, but not before mid-2022.


so far is only dollar prices known for the BPD kits in the second round, so we do not yet know exactly what the models will cost in euros. But it quickly becomes clear that there are many expensive BDP sets this time around, which is due to the many parts that are installed. More details on each set can be found below.

  • Mountain wind turbine for $ 179.99
  • Modular LEGO Store for $ 179.99
  • Seasons in time calendar to 249.99 USD
  • Retro bowling alley to $ 229.99
  • * Brickwest Studios to $ 279.99
  • Destroyed house to $ 299.99
  • Clockwork Aquarium to $ 64.99
  • Quest Builder for $ 259.99
  • Science adventure to $ 35.99
  • Venetian houses to 289.99 USD

* moved to round three, replaced by Venetian houses

Remember that in the first round, dollar prices were not just converted 1-to-1 into euros – the sets were sometimes significantly cheaper in euros. You can find a detailed overview of dollar prices in the 1st round in our table overview of BDP.

The 9 models of the 2nd round

These are the 9 models in the 2nd BDP round, of which 5 can be implemented. Crowdfunding starts on November 9, 2021 at. 21.00. Many of the original LEGO Ideas designs are already in place Production ready, but the final images of all sets are not online yet, so details may still change here! The number of parts in the sets is also a snapshot and could be adjusted before starting. As soon as the final images are there, we will compare them again with the ideas.

It’s unbelievable that some of the BDP sets contain over 3000 pieces, despite the fact that all LEGO Ideas projects are limited to a maximum of 3000 pieces. 😉

Mountain windmill

Bricklink Designer Program Mountain Windmill

All model details in an instant:

  • Name: Mountain windmill
  • Fan Designer: Hanwas
  • Number of parts: 2085
  • Minifigures:?
  • Price: $ 179.99
  • Price / brick: 8.6 US cents
  • Stickers: ?

Modular LEGO store

Adp2 LEGO Modular Store

All model details in an instant:

  • Name: Modular LEGO Store
  • Fan Designer: Krisnow
  • Number of parts: 2149
  • Minifigures:?
  • Price: $ 179.99
  • Price / brick: 8.3 US cents
  • Sticker: yes – eg LEGO logo

Seasons in time: Calendar

Bricklink Designer Program Seasons In Time Calendar

All model details in an instant:

  • Name: Seasons: Calendar
  • Fan Designer: BrentWaller
  • Number of parts: 3010
  • Minifigures: 1
  • Price: $ 249.99
  • Price / brick: 8.3 US cents
  • Stickers: yes – days of the week, date and months

Retro bowling alley

Bricklink Designer Program Retro Bowling

All model details in an instant:

  • Name: Retro Bowling Alley
  • Fan Designer: avila
  • Number of parts: 2779
  • Minifigures: 5
  • Price: $ 229.99
  • Price / brick: 8.3 US cents
  • Stickers: ?

Brickwest Studios

Bricklink Designer Program Brick West Studios

All model details in an instant:

  • Name: Brickwest Studios
  • Fan Designer: BrickyBricks82
  • Number of parts: 3741
  • Minifigures:?
  • Price: $ 279.99
  • Price / brick: 7.5 US cents
  • Sticker: yes – eg salon sign

ruined house

Bricklink Designer Program Ruined House

All model details in an instant:

  • Name: Destroyed house
  • Fan Designer: Kirteem
  • Number of parts: 4002
  • Minifigures: 0
  • Price: $ 299.99
  • Price / brick: 7.5 US cents
  • Stickers: no

Clockwork Aquarium

Bricklink Designer Program Aquarium 02

All model details in an instant:

  • Name: Clockwork Aquarium
  • Fan Designer: Farquar
  • Number of parts: 874
  • Minifigures: 0
  • Price: $ 64.99
  • Price / brick: 7.5 US cents
  • Stickers: no

Quest Builder

Bricklink Designer Program Quest Builder

All model details in an instant:

  • Name: Quest Builder
  • From Designer: Lego Builder
  • Number of parts: 3415
  • Minifigures: 7
  • Price: $ 259.99
  • Price / brick: 7.6 US cents
  • Stickers: no

Science adventure

Bricklink Designer Program Science Adventure

All model details in an instant:

  • Title: Science Adventure
  • Fan Designer: LegoAlatariel
  • Number of parts: 414
  • Minifigures: 4
  • Price: $ 35.99
  • Price / brick: 8.7 US cents
  • Stickers: no


Just before the BrickLink Designer program disappears completely in sight, there is finally news and the second, delayed round is launched in November. Since 9 models are fighting for the 5 production sites this time, it will probably go very fast again this time around. However, the previously known dollar prices are quite steep and make it clear how sub-intensive and therefore expensive LEGO Ideas designs are if implemented without slimming down.

We are now anxiously awaiting the final photos so we can compare how each set has changed from the original Ideas projects. As soon as we have all the information, we will also do a survey to see which models you have on your wish list.

Until then, feel free to write which of the BDP models you would like! Do you think it is good that the sets have so many parts, but therefore more expensive, or would you like some designs to be streamlined? Feel free to exchange ideas in the comments!

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