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Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, founded in 1991, has updated its visual appearance. After almost 25 years, the university has developed an updated logo and a new company design to give a new impetus to the future, as stated in the introduction.

Anhalt University of Applied Sciences offers research and teaching for 8,000 students at its Bernburg, Dessau and Köthen locations. Since the institution, which was founded as a technical college, was renamed “Anhalt University of Applied Sciences” in November 1998, the university has used the small letter “a” as its logo. Based on this sign, the corporate identity and the associated corporate design were further developed in a process that lasts several years, in order to convey in a visually appealing way the self-image that suits the digital age. The colors, style, illustrations and symbols, including the images and logo, were revised with the aim of improving the recognition of the university.

Anhalt University of Applied Sciences logo - before and after
Anhalt University of Applied Sciences logo – before and after, image source: Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, image montage: German

The lowercase letter “a” remains the central identifier of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences as a figurative mark. Based on alpha, the first letter of the Greek alphabet, the new small “a” symbolizes the beginning, then the idea. “The beginning of a professional career beginning at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences. Innovative research that emerged at the university. A first impetus that the university gives for a life,” as stated in the press release. In addition, the number sign alpha can be found in various scientific disciplines – in mathematics, physics, chemistry or biology, also in economics, architecture, computer science or design.

For Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, the new “a” represents a sign that connects everything: the university’s departments, its three campuses in Bernburg, Köthen and Dessau and “above all the people who study, work and a significant part of their here use life “.

While the university’s website ( has already been converted to the new design, other media and applications have not yet been adapted. As dt was informed on request, the implementation takes place step by step due to the large number of materials. The new company design has been created in close collaboration with the agency Kappa (Halle). Studio GOOD (concept / design, Berlin) and blueways (realization / TYPO3, Halle) are responsible for the relaunch of the website, which took place in 2018.


A successful evolutionary development of the visual appearance. The fine-tuning made helps the “brand” Anhalt University of Applied Sciences to become more brilliant, concise, independent and recognizable.

The modernization process started almost four years ago with the relaunch of the website, and now another important step has been taken with the fine-tuning of the company’s design including the logo. For too many companies and institutions, the relaunch of the website is actually the crucial reason to bring the overall visual appearance up to date. Increasingly, colors taken from the RGB color space and therefore shining particularly intensely on the screen are being used. This also shows how strongly today’s brand and business communications are aimed at digital media.

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