The 6 best used online stores for designer bags

You should now buy used designer bags online

Buying a used designer bag has never been easier. Whether you are looking to invest in a Hermès “Birkin bag” or a Dior “saddlebag”, there are a number of used online stores where you can find it now.

Not only is the purchase of a used or vintage bag a more sustainable choice, you can also find rare pieces from fashion history, including stand-alone collaborations (e.g. Gucci X Balenciaga “Hourglass”). It’s hard to beat the excitement of finally finding the bag you’ve wanted – and even better when you can get it at a great price.

6 stores where you can buy the best used designer bags

Below we present you eight of the best websites for used designer bags that you should know by now. All stores check condition, quality and authenticity – a luxury bag is, after all, a great investment.


The online marketplace for luxury handbags based in Munich and Amsterdam has a special focus on exclusive collectibles and “waiting list bags” from Hermès, Chanel, Dior and Co. SACLÀB also has bags with stronger signs of use professionally renovated, and with every purchase there is a free bag spa treatment. In this way, the life of bags that have already been produced and in circulation is extended sustainably.

Chanel Patchwork Timeless Classic Flap Bag

Bottega Veneta Jodie mini bag

Hermès Jypsiere 34 shoulder bag

Hermès Birkin Bag 35 Sunset Rainbow

2. rebel

Rebelle is the perfect place to look for rare gems that are hard to find elsewhere. Due to the large selection, the website is particularly well-suited to the Y2K trend that is so popular right now. If you want to invest in a green project after your sustainable purchase, you now have the opportunity to do so: the Hamburg start-up has been on the stock exchange for a month.

Stella McCartney Falabella Denim

3. SEE again

Re-SEE was established in 2013 and offers a selected selection of used bags, from classic Chanel flap bags to Bottega Veneta’s distinctive intrecciato design. The resale company also has a showroom in Paris so you can see the bags in person.

Renaud Pellegrino bag in the shape of a shell

Christian Dior Butterfly Crystal Malice bag

4. Collective Cloakroom

Vestiaire Collective’s huge selection of used and vintage bags is a must-have for all used lovers. Be sure to set up alerts for all your favorite brands so you can grab the most coveted pieces as soon as they appear on the site.

The picture probably contains: Handbag, Accessories, Accessories, Bag and purse

Gucci Jackie 1961 leather bag

€ 1,933

Collective Cloakroom

Louis Vuitton Pochette “Vivienne Holiday Collection”

€ 1,145

Collective Cloakroom

Fendi baguette bag

€ 6,058

Collective Cloakroom

Dior saddlebag

€ 2,577

Collective Cloakroom

5. Farfetch Pre-Owned

Farfetch Pre-Owned launched their resale section in 2019, offering you the same luxury shopping experience when you buy used bags as the main page. And if you have used designer bags that collect dust in your closet, you can sell them to Farfetch through the Second Life program and receive store credit, making the whole process hassle-free.

Chanel shoulder bag with double flap

€ 7,863

Farfetch Pre-Owned

The image probably contains: Handbag, Accessories, Accessories and Bag

Hermès tricolor kelly bag

€ 24,521

Farfetch Pre-Owned

Louis Vuitton x Takashi Murakami Holdall

€ 7,390

Farfetch Pre-Owned

Balenciaga Mini City handbag

€ 1,564

Farfetch Pre-Owned

6. sal X

While StockX is best known as a retailer for sneaker fans, it also boasts a collection of the hottest bags at the moment, including Telfar tote bags, Prada’s ‘Re-Editioned 2000 Crystal Bag’ and, yes, the aforementioned Gucci X Balenciaga “timeglas”.

The picture probably contains: Handbag, Accessories, Accessories, Bag and purse

Gucci x Balenciaga hourglass bag

The image probably contains: Bag, Tote Bag, Handbag, Accessories and Accessory

Louis Vuitton fanny pack

The picture probably contains: Handbag, Accessories, Accessories, Bag and purse

Prada Re-Edition 2000 Crystal handbag

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