Poll: love? So many have fallen for kryptonite people

Updated: 09/01/2021 – 22:01

I just can not forget you …
Kryptonite People: Are You Also Addicted To One?

Is there the one you can not forget that makes you weak, in short: do you have a kryptonite human?  What the poll shows people would do for this person ...

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Is there the one you can not forget that makes you weak, in short: do you have a kryptonite human? What the poll shows people would do for this person …

A kryptonite is a person you just can not get rid of – even if the love is long gone or has been disappointed. Do you know? You are not alone, as one study shows.

They may not necessarily be our destiny, but they can certainly be our regret: Kryptonite people do not bear their name for nothing, because just as Superman can become incapacitated by kryptonite, many are completely confused about someone who actually does not play a role in it. current life – but it did very well in the past.

The one person who drove you out of your mind, who was so gentle and sensitive, who understood you so well – do you also have a kryptonite in your life that would always make you weak when in doubt? The online dating agency Parship would know more about it and have one Study on Kryptonite people started. Suffice it to say: there are a surprising number of people affected …

Poll: Do you also have a kryptonite human?

Puppy love, unhappy love or partner: Many people have that one person in their life who makes them weak over and over again. A person that you hold on to all your life. If you are completely honest with yourself: There is is there such a person in your life? ” Parship, among other things, together with the market analysis institute Innofact, inquired about this in an independent online survey – 1,011 people between the ages of 18 and 69 were interviewed in July 2021. 741 of them were in a relationship at the time.

The result: 57 percent of men and 45 percent of women feel connected to such a kryptonite person in such a way that they would give themselves to him against better knowing. Very much, right?

And what does that mean? Would this actually threaten a current partnership? What do the respondents say:

  • I would give up my current, usual life for this person (45 percent men, 34 percent women)
  • I would be unfaithful to this person once (40 percent men, 27 percent women)
  • I would be willing to start a long-term affair with this person (41 percent men, 26 percent women)
  • I would be willing to end my current relationship for this person (29 percent men, 19 percent women)
  • I would be willing to give up a potential partner for this person (15 percent men, 15 percent women)

A real threat? That’s what the expert says

Whoa, that sounds pretty sober. And one must add: the questions are purely hypothetical. And yet: How serious are such statements as far as the relationship is concerned? Party therapist and Parship expert Eric Hegmann knows the phenomenon – and the danger it can pose: “Kryptonite people are the ones you never forget, and who decades later could pose a temptation or even a threat to your current relationship. You are our weak points. relationship biography, just as kryptonite is Superman’s weak point. “

It is not even unusual for special people from the past to sneak into your current life from time to time, the expert continues: “Ultimately, you have to ask yourself why this person still has such an influence after all these years have a When the past continues to weigh on you, or when you are not ready to say goodbye to it, you are more likely to question your current life or relationship, so it is important to deal with your kryptonite consciously. “

➔ You can find more information about our expert Eric Hegmann here.

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