Our family tips for Saturday

We help families plan their free time. These are our event tips for everyone who has children – as always sorted a little and rounded off with a special tip.

Play, play … and a little serious

At Königstein Fortress you can immerse yourself in game worlds without electronics.  Here you need a stable hand, not a nervous thumb.

At Königstein Fortress you can immerse yourself in game worlds without electronics. Here you need a stable hand, not a nervous thumb.
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Play like 100 years ago

Soldiers used to do their military service on Königstein and lived here with their families. Want to know what the fortress kids played 100 years ago? Experience old games like eagle shooting, sack race, tug of war and so on.

Saturday from 12:00 to 16:00 and during the autumn holidays every Wednesday and Saturday from 12:00 at Königstein Fortress. Meeting place: lawn opposite the new arsenal (north side, towards the fortress wall). Participation is included in the entrance to the fortress.

Play like 100 years ago in Augusto’s event calendar

Opening day “Let’s play!” – Tracking the game

On the first opening day of the special exhibition “Let’s play”, the country house is transformed into a playhouse and invites to play and discovery in various places. Every hour you will meet the curator of the exhibition and learn background stories about selected exhibitions. Immerse yourself in the world of play, follow labyrinthine paths through the show and explore the essence of play in playgrounds. Games are welcome here!

Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00 in the Dresden City Museum in Landhaus, Wilsdruffer Straße

Opening day “Let’s play!” in Augusto’s event calendar

Etiquette course for children

In the small etiquette course at MEISSEN, children learn the rules of table culture in an informative and entertaining way. little table covered you? Easier said than done. How do I set a table? How to fold a napkin What is the correct sitting position? How do I use the cutlery? Using clear examples and funny stories, children learn on their own what good behavior at the table means. After a short introduction, they independently set the table with Meissen porcelain, on which cocoa and cake are served, and what they have just learned is put into practice. At the end and as a reminder of the day, each child receives a course certificate.

Saturday at 3 pm in the Meissen Porcelain Factory

Etiquette course in August’s event calendar

Stories and memories

Scene from the children's documentary

Scene from the children’s documentary “Meine Wunderkammern”, the official opening film of the Kinolino Festival
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Kinolino Children’s Cinema Festival

The autumn holidays are again this year KINOLINO time. A colorful program with 36 entertaining, thought-provoking and exciting feature films and four short film programs awaits the young (and older) film audience. There are also a number of special events such as “Mitmalkino” in Lingner Castle, where children can create their own cartoon. This year’s KINOLINO focuses on children’s rights. Under the motto “My UnFug und Recht”, film heroes conquer the screens that stand up for their rights and the rights of all children.

KINOLINO will be officially opened on Saturday at 3pm on the red carpet in the central cinema. “My Chambers of Wonder”, one of the films focusing on “My UnFug und Recht”, is running in a preview. The film crew will be present and answer questions from the audience. The opening will be accompanied by a musical surprise.

Kinolino from 16 to 31 October in many places in Dresden and Hoyerswerda. Opening on Saturday at 3 pm in the central cinema in Dresden

More information and the entire program can be found here

eat animals

May we kill animals to eat them? This question arises every day at countless family tables, canteen counters, snack stands. The American author Jonathan Safran Foer worked his way through such a mountain of questions and doubts and wrote a non-fiction book that touched many people. The Theater Junge Generation in Dresden takes this book as an opportunity to roll arguments on stage, balance facts, get lost in the jungle of opinion and fight for an attitude: Pleasure or renunciation? Meatballs versus tofu!

recommended for ages 12 and up, Saturday at 16.00 in Theater Junge Generation Dresden

Animals eat in the Augusto event calendar


Something about this simple piece of wood immediately fascinates the wood carver Geppetto, who begins to carve it out into an artful doll. And indeed: the piece of wood comes to life while he is still working and playing naughty tricks on Geppetto. Contrary to Father Geppetto’s and the blue fes’ good advice, the little doll hurries into the world. She has to make her own experiences and only through this can she become a real child. It does not matter if the doll is a boy or a girl. The stories of Carlo Collodi’s world-famous puppet from 1881 first appeared as a newspaper article and tell the story of its adventurous journey in sections. Since then, several children have identified with the stories of the wooden doll, which do not correspond to current social expectations. And even today we can ask ourselves: what makes us human?

Recommended for ages 6 and up Saturday at. 16 in Landesbühnen Radebeul

Pinocchio in Augusto’s event calendar

Get the best out of the dark season

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Ice Disco – Season opening

Ice skating for the finest party music: The season opening in Sparkassen Arena in Jonsdorf.

Saturday from 4 pm in Sparkassen Arena Jonsdorf

Ice Disco in Augusto’s event calendar

Halloween – FRYGTELIGhausen 2021

Halloween fun for the whole family! When dusk falls over Oskarshausen in Freital, this year the ghosts are up in a frenzy … Probably the most spectacular Halloween family event in the Dresden area! Join us for Oscar’s eerily beautiful family Halloween night. Look forward to: spirits, scary maze, fire and snake show, pumpkin carving, costume contest, lots of scary surprises and scares

Saturday from 5.30 pm to 10 pm in Oskarshausen, Freital

Scary houses in the Augusto event calendar

Astronomy Day

From 15:00 to 18:00, the dome of the observatory with their telescopes can be seen outside. It gets exciting when you make your own observations. For our little ones, there is a craft street with many opportunities to discover the world of science in a playful way. 16.30 and 17.30 you can visit the planetarium for a guided tour through the autumn night sky. The event is particularly suitable for children and provides an overview of the evening observations with the observatory’s telescopes. At 6 pm there will be a lecture on the gas giants of our solar system. From 6 pm it will be possible to observe the moon and the planets Jupiter and Saturn.

Saturday from 15.00 to 21.00 at the school observatory in Bautzen, free admission

Astronomy Day in the Augusto Events Calendar

Minerals in science fiction and fantasy

Kryptonite, adamantium and mithril – they are all in your favorite movies and stories. You certainly know the kryptonite that robs Superman of his powers. In the book and film The Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins goes in search of the sparkling Arkenstone. His nephew Frodo wears a mithril shirt in The Lord of the Rings. And even the Jedi Knights’ lightsaber hides a magic crystal! Get to know all these wonderful minerals.

Saturday and throughout the autumn holidays from 10.00 to 17.00 at Schloss Freudenstein Freiberg

Minerals in science fiction and fantasy in the Augusto event calendar

The special tip

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Special exhibition: “Sandstone, Starfish, Dinosaurs – Saxony in the Cretaceous”

Travel with us to Saxony 90 million years ago. It was tropically hot, the sea level was 250 meters above day level and violent storms destroyed the area. On land, modern flowering plants begin their triumphant march, and in the oceans, fish bend dinosaurs, ammonites, and many other animals. One of the most beautiful landscapes in Germany emerged from the deposits of this time: the sandstone mountains of the Elbe. Take a trip back in time when the Elbe Valley was still an ocean.

Welcome to the Cretaceous, which began 145 million years ago and ended with a meteorite impact 66 million years ago, to a water world that left us many fossils in its sediments. The exhibition shows a large number of original fossils of land plants, fungi, corals, snails, mussels, ammonites, belemnites, crabs and starfish as well as copies of dinosaurs and fish.

Elementarium at West Lusatia Museum, open daily (except Monday) from 10am to 6pm. The special exhibition opens for the first time on Saturday and can be seen until October 2022.

Saxony in the Cretaceous in August’s calendar of events

Want more tips for events?

In Augusto’s event calendar, there are many other events in Dresden and the surrounding area at the weekend – whether it’s on stage or other interesting places. Here you will also find further information about the above events, including a link to Google Maps.

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