Netflix’s “Inventing Anna”: These 6 designer handbags are her ticket to the high society

Netflix’s “Inventing Anna”: You should invest in these designer bags

“Inventing Anna” is already this week’s most talked about Netflix series. The main character Anna Delvey (played by Julia Garner) duped New York’s high society by pretending to be a rich German heir. To maintain her masquerade, however, she did not carry the latest trends, but instead opted for classic designer handbags in the style of old money. We have selected the timeless styles for you that Anna Delvey made worth investing in (and will never go out of fashion).

“Nano” by Celine

The dominance of Celine’s Nano ‘in the 2010s is undeniable, but the bag has not lost any of its luster today. No wonder scammer Anna Delvey chose the bag. The minimalist design with a twist from the Phoebe Philo era is made to last, and its size makes it perfect for everyday use.

Anna Delvey downstyles her glittery dress and statement coat with the classic Celine bag.


“Book Tote” by Dior

Dior “Book Tote” is not only a synonym for timeless elegance in the “Inventing Anna” series. The traditional French house has republished them with different prints for years, but the essence is always the same: a rectangular canvas bag. Ideal for travel, it is not only the perfect size to pack everything, it also takes up very little space in your suitcase.

Anna Delvey carries Dior’s ‘Book Tote’ on a yacht in Ibiza.


“Sac de Jour” by Saint Laurent

As the name suggests, the “Sac de Jour” is the ultimate everyday bag. With its no-frills form, it can be seen as a long-term investment: pure luxury forever, which can be passed on from generation to generation. But because of the already clean design, do not buy the bag in black, but in a muted color like burgundy red – this is demonstrated by Anna Delvey in “Inventing Anna”.

Anna Delvey with her Saint Laurent on her way to a business meeting in a private jet


“Lady” Dior

Because she was loved by Lady Diana, the cult bag for the House of Dior got its royal name. The design with the unmistakable Cannage quilting is an expression of eternal elegance. As a businesswoman, Anna Delvey naturally (and stylishly) chose the XL-size tote bag – although in recent seasons we have seen her little sister’s success, which is completely in line with the micro-bag trend.

“Inventing Anna”: Anna Delvey shines with a red lactose bag from Dior.


“Zumi” by Gucci

Gucci double horseshoe logo bag is classic, elegant and timeless. Very different from their namesake, Zumi Rosow, a rebellious experimental musician (“The Black Lips” and “Crush”). But it is precisely this discrepancy that makes this the perfect bag for a woman in the art who pretends to be Anna Delvey.

Artistic: Anna Delvey admires her future Art Foundation on Park Avenue in a jacquard coat and Gucci bag.

Lent by Netflix

“Muria” by Louis Vuitton

The latter model differs from the rest of the square bags in which Anna Delvey usually keeps her business plan and other documents for the Anna Delvey Foundation. Maybe because she does not need them on vacation. But what Anna knows: A classic bag, like “Muria” from Louis Vuitton, belongs in any wardrobe along with a tote.

Louis Vuitton’s “Muria” accompanies Anna Delvey to Marrakech in “Inventing Anna”.


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