Mercadolibre, Shopify, Coinbase: 3 Top Shares Cathie Wood Buys Now! | news

Mercadolibre, Shopify, Coinbase: 3 Top Shares Cathie Wood Buys Now!  |  news

Cathie Woods consumer campaign continues, most recently buying shares in Mercadolibre (WKN: A0MYNP), Shopify (WKN: A14TJP) and Coin base (WKN: A2QP7J) purchased. It shows once again that the star investor is very happy to buy cheap stocks. She is convinced of their innovative potential.

Cathie Wood, meanwhile, operates in a conflicting stance on its growth and innovation stocks. Although the broad market has recently punished the stocks in question, they are sticking to their positions. That’s something she has in common with Omaha Warren Buffett’s oracle. Of course, their stock choices are different.

Anyway, let’s look at Mercadolibre, Shopify and Coinbase today as well as recent purchases. And why the star investor is probably holding on to these top-growth stocks.

Cathie Wood: Mercadolibre, Shopify and Coinbase bought!

It’s not new that Cathie Wood likes to take advantage of short-term setbacks during the earnings season. This is also the case in large parts with the shares in question. In any case, she bought 2,861 shares for $ 2.6 million from Mercadolibre, as did the US portal the street reported. Shopify, on the other hand, has $ 129,419 worth of $ 53.5 million. In addition, several Coinbase shares have flowed into their portfolio. In return, she received 63,039 shares for $ 7.2 million. Admittedly, those are not the big hits. But as I said, it shows their buy-the-dip mentality.

This again focuses on the major megatrends and more favorable valuations. Mercadolibre even saw solid first-quarter revenue growth of 67.4% in local currencies to $ 2.2 billion in its e-commerce and digital payment services. With a price-to-sell ratio of 6, this stock is relatively inexpensive for a leading market position in Latin America in these two megatrend markets.

Shopify, on the other hand, disappointed investors with its 22% revenue growth to $ 1.2 billion. Here, too, Cathie Wood grabbed it. Apparently, she shares the perspective of the president of the Canadian company, who talks about patience and a long-term intact investment dissertation in the megatrending e-commerce market. Here too, a price-to-sales ratio of currently 8 can be a relatively favorable valuation.

Coinbase, meanwhile a top position of Cathie Wood in the Ark Innovation ETF, has yet to present any fresh figures. Recently, however, there was the launch of their own NFT platform. But also temporary problems due to dwindling market shares measured in relation to the total cryptocurrency volume. It does not seem to worry the star investor, who with a market value of $ 23 billion sees a clear, leading opportunity in the crypto landscape.

Something for you?

Mercadolibre, Shopify and Coinbase: These are Cathie Woods three purchases at the end of last week. Buy Dip continues to be her tireless mantra. Megatrends and companies are strong in their respective markets. The valuations are now also significantly cheaper. Perhaps a good indication of where you can invest now as a private investor with a long-term, maximum upside potential.

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