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19/01/2021 It’s been a few months since “Batwoman” ended its first season, and many changes have followed. The biggest came shortly after the finale when it was announced that Ruby Rose would step down from Kate Kane, aka Batwoman.

Instead of reshaping the role of Kate Kane in Batwoman or introducing another character from the cartoon, the series decided to focus on a brand new character named Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie). The question, of course, was still left over how exactly the series planned to write Kate Kane out of the series – and last night we got the answer. Spoilers for the new episode “What Happened to Kate Kane?” follow here!

The episode begins with Ryan sleeping in his van at Gotham Harbor when she is suddenly awakened by a plane crash. While Ryan examines the wreck, she finds a couple of dying passengers on the plane – and a bag with Kate Kane’s Batsuit! Meanwhile, Luke Fox (Camrus Johnson) and Mary Hamilton (Nicole Kang) discover that Kate’s flight back from National City – where she had flown to ask Kara Danvers aka Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) about the kryptonite notch in her possession – was delayed due to bad weather. After putting two and two together, they realize that Kate was on the crashed plane and now is nowhere to be found.

News of Kate’s plane crash quickly became public, complete with a front-page newspaper article proclaiming “What Happened to Kate Kane?” and claims she is now missing as a result of the plane crash. The characters around Kate begin to react very differently to this news – Jacob Kane (Dougray Scott) tries to use his resources with the crows to find Kate dead or alive, but comes to terms with the fact that she may be dead, especially after something similar happened with Elizabeth Kane aka Alice (Rachel Skarsten) years ago. Luke also assumes that Kate did not survive the crash and blames herself for starting the chain of events that led her to National City with the kryptonite. Meanwhile, Mary tries to have a more hopeful perspective, believing that Kate may have survived without Batsuit.

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As the episode progresses, some of the theories surrounding Kate’s fate may begin to hold true – especially Sophie Moore (Meagan Tandy), who believes that Safiyah Sohail’s (Shivani Ghai) plane was taken because of Kate’s romantic past with Julia Pennyworth (Christina Wolfe ) was targeted. Towards the end of the episode, Sophie’s theory gets a big hit when she receives a letter addressed to her from Kate’s safe, announcing that she was Batwoman and that she still loves her.

Meanwhile, Alice is also distraught over Kate’s apparent death – because she could not be the person who made her disappear, and she’s not sure exactly who it was. In the final scene of the episode, it appears that she gets her answer with an ominous note from Safiyah proclaiming, “Now we are equal.” So Kate Kane is dead? The episode does not say it definitively, especially after showrunner Caroline Dries last year confirmed they would not kill Kate. Nevertheless, some fans will wonder how Kate survived such a brutal plane crash. This, of course, raises the question of what exactly her status will be and how the various theories surrounding it will affect Batwoman’s supporting roles.

“What happened to Kate? Is she alive? Did she die? Has she disappeared? Is she on the run? Is she being held captive? Is she lost?” said Dries during last year’s virtual DC FanDome convention. “These are all great mysteries that take us deep into the season and all of our characters will have different perspectives on it. Different conspiracy theories, different views, and it will create a lot of drama, suspense, mystery and intrigue. It will be shocking and fantastic and fantastic. ”

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