“Hardly surpassed in arrogance”: Restaurant banishes children

Eating out with children can be challenging.  a restaurant on the Baltic Sea has now completely banned the little ones.

Eating out with children can be challenging. a restaurant on the Baltic Sea has now completely banned the little ones. Image: www.imago-images.de / Mascot

Many people know the situation: After a hard day, you want to go to a restaurant for a good meal in the evening and turn off – but the whimpering little child at the next table spoils the mood. Or vice versa: You want to go out to eat with the whole family, but as soon as one of the children beeps, the other guests punish you with evil looks.

Children and restaurants are no longer connected: This is how Ricarda Biebl looks at it, which has therefore taken tough steps in its “Schipperhus” inn – here Only children over 12 years are allowed. The landlady partly blames the parents for the misery.

Children are not allowed in this restaurant

Children who paint the walls with crayons, climb barefoot on the table with sandy legs and spill tomato sauce on top, have previously existed in the inn by the Baltic Sea – the area around Dierhagen is after all a popular holiday destination for families.

But other, childless guests would also enjoy their holiday by the Baltic Sea and not be exposed to loud children. According to Ricarda, requests to keep the children quiet were often not well received. “We were offended as always when we say something,” the hostess of the newspaper “Bild” reported. “The big problem is not the children – it’s the parents! There are only a few who really make an effort to raise their children. Most people were sitting here looking at the phone while their children ran screaming through the bar, ”she complains.

Measure ensures anonymous hatred on the internet

The hostess Ricarda Biebl therefore decided to take the radical measure: “We no longer serve families with children under the age of 12,” reads a small note on the economy’s website. The owner told “Bild” that she was very scared of this measure – “although hotels for adults or spa areas from the age of 16 are the most normal in the world.”

And the mother of four’s concern was not unfounded: As only children over the age of 12, young people and adults have been given access to the inn, according to them, criticism and insults have poured in.

Negative Google reviews from parents

“Families with children under the age of 12 are not allowed in this restaurant. Dogs are certainly allowed in. Bravo, it really represents a low point in society, “ a guest on the internet raged. The owner did not let this accusation sit down: “Dogs do not frolic unattended through the restaurant during the stay,” she objected.

“Children under the age of 12 are not welcome at the dinner table. It can hardly be surpassed in terms of arrogance and ignorance.” wrote another angrily.

If you read the feedback about the restaurant on Google, you will quickly notice: Most 1-star reviews was distributed by angry parents who were denied service and who are now upset by “discrimination”.

“We are called child haters”

Stefan Biebl-Piesker, Ricarda’s husband and chef at “Schipperhus” told the newspaper that the anonymous hatred was becoming difficult to endure: “We are offended as racists, who hate children. Someone asked how our business survived – whether we still go shopping at night.” The couple has even considered selling the company.

Childless guests are happy with the “quiet atmosphere”

But their initiatives also met with a lot of positive feedback: In addition to the good food, some guests are also happy with the “quiet atmosphere” without whining children. “The innkeepers certainly did not make this decision easy for themselves and they have my respect,” wrote one guest in solidarity. “Those parents should look into themselves and do some self-reflection instead of attacking innkeepers in an unobjective way.”


Finally it was time. My four-year-old son said to me, “Mom, put the phone away from me!”. A short page sentence that hit the spot. And the bad conscience that has clung to this square, black thing for over four years exploded.

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