Extreme diet – the designer has already lost so many kilos

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Berlin – Harald Glööckler (56) relaxes! At the presentation of his new lifestyle collection, the cult designer talks about punk, hairstyle and man:

It’s now almost something in the direction of his second living room – or even his third after his business-related move to Berlin … Designer Harald Glööckler has on Saturday (March 12) in the noble Hotel Adlon in the run-up to “Berlin Fashion” Week (14 to March 20) presented its new lifestyle collection consisting of sportswear, loungewear and home textiles. There are also celebrities and former jungle campers like Micaela Schäfer (38), Julian FM Stoeckel (34) and Hannah Engel (69) as well as Xenia Princess of Saxony (35).

The casual look is a collaboration with the company Adelshof Immobilien around Til Maximilian Teuber. Therefore, the cult designer Glööckler worked diligently, designing and drawing to make his mark on the “Teuber by Harald Glööckler” collection.

Last name Harald Glöckler
profession Designers and entrepreneurs (fashion, wallpaper, sunglasses, art, service, etc.)
Born May 30, 1965, Maulbronn
spouse Dieter Schroth
TV shows and movies Our new animal shelter (RTL), I’m a star – get me out of here! (RTL), Glööckler, Glanz und Gloria (Vox), Let’s Dance (RTL), Curvy Supermodel – Echt. curved Nice. (RTL II), Five Friends 4, The 30 Most Beautiful Fashion Sins (HR)

Harald Glööckler: The new fashion from the cult designer is so cool and punky

See what the models are wearing to the (fashion) show at the Adlon Conservatory wearing the gentleman’s handwriting in a surprisingly reserved way with glitter, rhinestones and small crowns. Only a golden crown, which crowns the Teuber logo, can be seen on the black clothes. The new collection – a tribute to punk.

Glööckler has again lived in Berlin for about a month. And he feels as if he “had never been away.” Glööckler wonders why he does not know why Berlin should be haute couture and makes it clear: “Berlin was punk. The big time was the 80s, 70s – when David Bowie was here, Nina Hagen. Berlin was snotty “That’s why I came to Berlin to do punk fashion. It’s a tribute to point time, a tribute to Nina Hagen. I’m the punk generation.” “Fashion Week is approaching and I said, let’s do something. Start something with loungewear, T-shirt t-shirts, hoodies and so on.” The big show in Berlin was to take place at the end of the year.

Extreme diet – the designer has already lost so many kilos
Designer Harald Glööckler presents his new punk fashion collection in Berlin. Xenia Princess of Saxony (left) was there too. © MANNHEIM24 / Peter Kiefer

Harald Glööckler: Fashion showdown with the capital – “What should haute couture be in Berlin?”

In general, when he hears the keyword Berlin, it just bubbles out of him: “What is Berlin to me? Everyone always pretends we’re doing haute couture here, take a sewing machine, sew a dress together in ten hours and say it’s a haute couture dress. Well, I’ve already done haute couture – it was 200 hours of work by seamstresses in Paris and Milan. But Berlin has never been haute couture! ”

“I have a collection that is very sporty and very cool and casual. To me, Berlin is not a city where one should primarily present haute couture. I know Berlin as punk, as a city that is young, that is naughty, that is cool. Therefore, I thought I would do a reminiscence from the pun and Nina Hagen. That’s what makes Berlin so special. “In addition, this look is very popular again. He has been a lot in Tokyo (Japan), where young girls run around that way. But how much punk is there in Harald Glööckler?” I was very punk, I was totally punk – I’m still punk. As you get older, you become more and more punk, ”says Glööckler.

Micaela Schäfer (left), Julian FM Stoeckel and shopping TV queen Diana Schell also attended Harald Glööckler's mini fashion show in Berlin.
Micaela Schäfer (left), Julian FM Stoeckel and shopping TV queen Diana Schell also attended Harald Glööckler’s mini fashion show in Berlin. © MANNHEIM24 / Peter Kiefer

Harald Glööckler: The interview about figure, hairstyle and man

After Glööckler has always shown up with a shaved head, he not only has the dog Billy King (11) with him for the PR deal, but also a Fiffi on his head. So why wig again this time? “The wig is exaggerated, this is a piece of hair. I only have 200 – something has to show up. The choice is not that big,” says Glööckler ironically.

And although the bird of paradise does not have a tight cross on during the interview with MANNHEIM24, as is so often the case recently, it is noticeably slim and slender. “I’m not eating anything anymore,” jokes the 56-year-old. But Glööckler does not just more often leave feathers on his head, which lost eleven kilos in his time in the jungle camp: “I have already lost 12 to 13 kilos – you do not need a cross anymore.”

Designer Harald Glööckler (56) with the lap dog Billy King (11).
Designer Harald Glööckler (56) with the lap dog Billy King (11). © MANNHEIM24 / Peter Kiefer

Not present at Glööckler’s big day: husband Dieter Schroth. And yet the 73-year-old (business) partner who lived at the joint Chateau Pompöös in Kirchheim in the Palatinate is always updated: “We wrote this morning and talked to each other. He is happy, has also received pictures and is enthusiastic. Unfortunately “he will no longer travel, which is also difficult for him for health reasons. But he is happy with what he sees and hears and experiences.” Rumors of an alleged infatuation or a marital crisis have recently been strongly rejected by the two very different men.

Harald Glööckler: Wallpaper, beach chairs, small houses – the business is booming for the cult designer

It was not until mid-October 2021 that the creative all-rounder invited people to the legendary luxury hostel directly at the Brandenburg Gate to present his own wallpaper series called the “Jungle Collection” to the public a few weeks before his participation in the jungle camp.

In general, since returning from the jungle camp in South Africa, one can say: Run with Harald! In addition to his own animal show “Unser nyt dyrehjem” on RTL, which initially ran once on March 6, the 56-year-old “Prins Pompöös” has created a luxurious beach chair that is being built on Usedom. Lovely kennels, which are optically based on Tiny Houses designed by Glööckler, will follow soon. PR professional Glööckler had already held his new sunglasses collection in front of the cameras around the jungle camp in a media-efficient way. (point)

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