Did not like “Justice League”? So mercilessly makes “The Boys” fun with the DC heroes! [Gesponsert] – Series news

In The Boys, most of the seven “heroes” are designed as parodies of Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and other famous DC characters. And in the fifth episode, there is even digging in “Justice League” from 2017.

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Whether it’s in the comics or the series on Amazon Prime Video: With Homelander and the other “heroes” of the seven, both comic book author Garth Ennis and the series creators around “The Boys” creator Eric Kripke make relentless use of famous mainstream superheroes fun.

Especially DC with the flagship heroes Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman as well as Justice League is perfect food for “The Boys” (new episodes weekly on Amazon Prime Video): Some of the characters are clear parodies and Kripke and Co. even makes fun of the 2017 “Justice League” movie.

Homelander = Superman

Mankind is really lucky that Superman is such a decent guy, otherwise there would be nothing but kryptonite to stop what is without a doubt DC’s most powerful superhero.

The example of Homelander (Antony Starr), who like his DC counterpart is superhumanly strong, can fly and has laser eyes, shows how threatening Superman would be as a murderous gal with a mother complex and nationalist tendencies.

Queen Maeve = Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is an excellent example of kindness, wisdom and selflessness in DC Comics and her screen appearances to date, a heroine who fearlessly rushes out of the trenches to save those in need.

In “The Boys,” Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott), whose armor and mythological-sounding name refer to Wonder Woman, may not be quite as depraved as some of her male counterparts, but she is at least as accomplice as an accomplice when a plane is full of Homelander innocent people fall. Only during the second season does Maeve seem to slowly develop a conscience (again).

Depth = Aquaman

Who can swim at lightning speed, breathe underwater and communicate with sea creatures? To the right, Aquaman – but also The Deep (Chace Crawford).

While the DC underwater hero has cleaned up his unchooled image thanks to actor Jason Momoa and “Aquaman,” The Deep is at the bottom of the chopping block in “The Boys.” Utilized by Vought as a social media star and filled with a host of complexes, he falls into the clutches of The Collective’s Church, a Scientology-like cult, in season two.

A train = Flash

A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) and The Flash both run super fast and fill the role of the so-called speedsters in Seven and Justice League, respectively.

This is actually where the similarities end, because while The Flash is a thoroughly through and through, A-Train is the exact opposite: he acts as an advertising mascot for Vought for all sorts of products, has become addicted to Comp and V for his title as fastest man will keep alive at all costs and shows no remorse as he kills Hughie’s girlfriend Robin (Jess Salgueiro).

Black Noir = Batman

Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell) has superhuman strength, speed and resilience, so he’s a real superhero and not just a masked crime fighter like Batman, but there are certain similarities.

Both characters wear black costumes, have ninja-like fighting and stealth abilities, and tend to be the withdrawn, silent outsiders of their respective hero groups.

“Justice League” parody in episode 5

In the fifth episode of the second season “The Boys”, the creators of the series not only make fun of the DC heroes and their team, but also explicitly target “Justice League”:

A subplot in season 2 is about the filming of the latest Vought movie, Dawn Of The Seven (whose poster is reminiscent of Batman V Superman, by the way). After filming a poorly written (obviously deliberate) scene, Homelander mocks it as “Joss Whedon-esque” (or “Joss-rewrite” in the original version).

Joss Whedon famously stepped in as Zack Snyder’s replacement director after he had to retire from the Justice League due to a family tragedy, and made several changes at the request of the Warner studios, which were not well received by many fans.

You can find out more about this ugly Justice League swipe here:

So the new episode “The Boys” makes fun of Joss Whedon’s “Justice League”.

The next episode “The Boys” is waiting for you on October 2, 2020 Amazon Prime video. The grand finale of the second season then follows on October 9, 2020.

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