Designer designer luxury beach chair – with unusual details

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Designer designer luxury beach chair – with unusual details
Harald Glööckler designed his own beach chair for the island of Usedom. (Photomontage) © Bodo Marks / dpa / Uwe Anspach / dpa / Montage HEADLINE24

In addition to his television appearances, Harald Glööckler is primarily known as a designer. He has now designed a beach chair from his “Pompöös” model line for the holiday island of Usedom:

Star designer Harald Glööckler is currently more present than ever before in his already successful career: With his participation in the RTL jungle camp, he has risen again and is gaining more and more fans. And this despite the fact that there has been a lot of trouble about the designer from Maulbronn in Baden-Württemberg the last few days. Shortly after Harald Glööckler returned from the jungle camp, he packed his things and moved from the quiet Kirchheim an der Weinstraße to the capital Berlin. He’s been living here with his puppy Billy King for a few days. Unfortunately, his husband Dieter Schroth had to stay home. Meanwhile, the designer has commented on any separation rumors. A TikTok video by Glööckler has also aroused a lot of excitement the last few days.

Despite all the hustle and bustle around him, the designer’s career seems to be going smoothly. As NDR reported on Thursday (February 24), Harald Glööckler designed his own beach chair for the holiday island of Usedom. The seats are so pompous:

Last name Harald Glöckler
Date of birth May 30, 1965
Place of birth Maulbronn, Baden-Wuerttemberg
spouse Dieter Schroth
TV shows and movies I’m a celebrity, get me out of here! (RTL), Glööckler, Glanz und Gloria (Vox), Let’s Dance (RTL), Curvy Supermodel – Echt. curved Nice. (RTL II), Five Friends 4, The 30 Most Beautiful Fashion Sins (HR)

Harald Glööckler: The designer has already designed these objects

Harald Glööckler has worked as a designer for almost 30 years. He knows his way around the fashion world. In the past, he has already produced many beautiful gemstones, including jackets, handbags, sunglasses, even slippers. The designer has been successful for many years with his “Pompöös” line. His range no longer includes only textiles and accessories, Harald Glööckler also serves household items, furniture and dog items with his “Pompöös” brand.

His goods are primarily characterized by elaborate decorations. Glööckler has a penchant for pomp and splendor, which is also reflected in his creations. Even before he moved into the RTL jungle camp, the designer “pompously” created jungle-style wallpaper. So-called “tiny houses” are now also part of his portfolio. Now the next product is already on the market:

Harald Glööckler: Designer designs pompous beach chair at Usedom

As NDR reported on Thursday (February 24), the company “Korbwerk” is currently working on the prototype of Harald Glööckler’s own beach chair for the island of Usedom. “His idea was that this would happen as soon as possible, but the conversation was about a year and a half ago,” Dirk Mund, CEO of the beach chair manufacturer “Korbwerk”, told NDR.

Mund explained to Glööckler that the production of the “pompous” beach chair required “development work” and that the individual parts had to be procured first. According to information from the NDR, the materials for Glööckler’s beach chair come from all over Germany. For a basket of this kind, custom-made products are needed, such as the artfully gold-plated fittings and the wicker material. “It’s especially mixed,” Dirk Mund said in the NDR interview. “I never think a golden braid has been born anywhere.”

Harald Glööckler: Designer designs pompous beach chair on Usedom – it costs fun

Glööckler’s beach chair shines in the usual pompous splendor: the upholstery is decorated with golden embroidery. These are manufactured only a few kilometers from the company “Korbwerk”. Robert Gieske, head of advertising agency, is in charge. He has the necessary equipment for what was a long way to go, the design template, thread material and color were right: “We got the adjustments to the versions, which of course now makes the basket much, much more authentic. That’s really how you know “Pompöös”.

According to information from the NDR, about 1,500 parts will finally be processed in Glööckler’s beach chair. With jukebox, seat and back heating and other pompous bells and whistles, the basket according to the current status should cost 15,000 euros. Before the beach chair comes on the market, however, Harald Glööckler will keep an eye on it himself. The designer recently announced many, many more projects on Instagram – when fans can expect the first information about them. (phase)

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