Bitcoin before price explosion: Analyst sees “history’s best buying opportunity”

Bitcoin (BTC) has been declining for several weeks. A recognized quantum analyst now expects the bearish price action to end soon. He says: Now is the best buying opportunity in the history of Bitcoin! What makes him believe that?

Bitcoin is about to explode.


Bitcoin: Top analyst expects the trend to reverse

be able to show strength Bitcoin most recently in late March, when the price briefly rose to $ 48,000. However, the profit could not be maintained, Bitcoin and Co. has been declining since the end of the rally. The crypto markets are rising again and again, temporarily flickering light green – only to give up all increases again shortly afterwards. Cryptocurrency number 1 is currently trading at $ 41,529 after rising 0.23% in the last 24 hours.

Hardly moved Ethereum (ETH), the second most valuable cryptocurrency, is currently trading at $ 3,081 after falling 0.35% on the daily chart. Only two altcoins are experiencing double-digit gains today: Ethereum competitor Zilliqa (ZIL) rose 11%, and Synthetix Network Token (SNX) rose 10%. Overall, the crypto market value has risen by about 0.24% since yesterday, it now stands at $ 1.92 trillion, still below the psychologically important $ 2 trillion. Investors are on hold: Many hold back on investing until the market shows a clear direction. Atmosphere: discouraged. The “fear and greed” index, for example, an indicator of investor sentiment, has been on “fear” for several months. Concerns about inflation, money pressure in the United States, geopolitical uncertainty over the Ukraine war – all these factors affect the markets. But not much longer, believes “PlanB”, one of the best known Bitcoin experts ever. More than 1.8 million people follow him on Twitter – no other crypto strategist has such a large following. Among other things, the Dutchman is famous for his “stock-to-flow” Bitcoin price forecast model (S2F). Bitcoin was recently unable to achieve its predictions – according to PlanB, the cryptocurrency is on its way there again. In an interview, the pseudonymous quantum analyst emphasizes: The next few months will be bullish for Bitcoin – he even talks about the “best buying opportunity in all of history” of the cryptocurrency! But how did he get it – and what development should we expect now?

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