7 things our kids wish we had taught them

Grow up
7 things our kids wish we had taught them

Grow up

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Adult life is good until you are an adult and realize that you still have a lot to learn, otherwise life will kick you out. It only gets easier if we learn the really important skills as a child.

How often did you think as a child, “When I finally grow up, I can do what I want”? And then came the day when you were bitterly disappointed in adulthood. If at that time we were still so naively convinced that if school was finally over, an uncomplicated life awaited us without discussions of curves and bio-lectures on photosynthesis. Hallelujah, that would be great. That was it, too, until the disillusionment set in with the realization that being an adult is also a shitty job and not at all as easy as one had imagined as a child. But on the contrary.

minting year

The first years of life are about our foundation. In this embossing phase, children form their image of the world, both positively and negatively. A positive environment with good experiences ensures that a child experiences the world as a good and safe place, negative experiences for the opposite. It will carry this image of the world with it in the subconscious for the rest of its life. It determines our behavior, our inner attitude, and our reactions. And most recently when we have children, all these imprints and behaviors will reappear and fall right at our feet.

Get out of the old patterns

In adulthood, it suddenly becomes clear where all of our deficits lie. And they are much more far-reaching than just a little math from school. For now, it’s time to learn the skills we really need to get through life. The funny thing is that as children, at the age where we learn by playing, we were often taught the wrong things, simply because it was expected, or because our parents did not teach them either – self-love, saying no, self-reflection, independence e.g. And now, 20, 30, 40 years later, we are struggling to unlearn all the mistakes because these behaviors make our lives difficult, drive us into burnout and depression, complicate our relationships, and all in all, many of them are terribly unhealthy. Learning and re-learning takes a long time and is a true achievement, for our brain is not as fast as it was in our childhood. Miserable station wagon.

One must start

The only problem is that if we do not tackle it, we will pass it on to our children. And like us, they wish they had learned many things in their childhood. Specifically, for example, these seven things:

Twisted excuses are not authentic. Their only added value is to sweep unpleasant things under the carpet as quickly as possible and change subject or just pretend like nothing has ever happened.

2. You do not have to be sweet to anyone, who: who is evil towards you. Never!

3. It’s okay not to be held by everyone and you do not have to like everyone either.

4. Unpleasant feelings are a part of itwhen you set boundaries. We just have to learn to deal with them, and we can practice that.

5. Listen to your gut feeling – especially how other people make you feel.

6. You do not have to do everything, just because others expect you to. You are right as you are.

7. Acceptance is the key to satisfaction. You can not change anyone but yourself.

To make things easier for our children, as they say, we prefer to pave the way from the start and do the work on ourselves instead of always passing on the baton. Just do it!


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