36 instead of 229 euros: found a cheap Amazon alternative to the trend designer dress

An expensive designer dress is the trend of the time and makes you want to go on summer vacation. We found a cheap alternative on Amazon.

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The days are finally getting warmer and the sun is standing longer in the sky. Spring is here and it wants to be celebrated in a fashionable way. We have found an enchanting dress from Pearl & Caviar that will make us the center of attention everywhere we go to the big garden parties and the wonderful holidays, which we hope will reappear soon. The dress is available from 229.00 EUR, so it is definitely a piece of clothing for the special moments in life. But there is also a beautiful dress from Vero Moda, which has a very similar cut, costs from 35.99 euros at Amazon and thus becomes a beautiful everyday dress.

Summer trend: designer dresses and a cheap alternative to shopping

That’s what makes the designer dress so special

First, there are the yellow stripes that adorn the cream-colored hanging dress with ruffles and make it a real eye-catcher. The V-neckline and the discreet stand-up collar give the dress elegance. The ruffle details, the layered skirt and the trumpet sleeves add a particularly feminine touch. With a price from 229.00 euros at Lodenfrey, the dress is not cheap, but the buyers get the highest quality. The material of the loose-fitting dress is 100 percent cotton, which ensures that it is comfortable to wear even on warmer days.

Pearl & Caviar dress

Designer Dress: Amazon has a cheap alternative to the perfect holiday dress

Found on Amazon: This is the cheap alternative from Vero Moda

As mentioned in the beginning, the Pearl & Caviar dress is a real addition to any fashionista’s wardrobe. However, the price ensures that we only slip into this dress on special occasions so that we can enjoy it for a really long time. Fortunately, we have found a wonderful alternative to everyday use. The casual white dress with the yellow stripes from Vero Moda is also made of 100 percent cotton, has enchantingly wide sleeves, a V-neckline and a small stand-up collar. The airy hanging dress reaches straight to the wearer’s thighs and is therefore ideal for showing off the legs perfectly.

And as it is not only available on Amazon from 35.95 euros, but also in five different colors, this wide dress with high wearing comfort is the ideal piece of clothing to tackle spring – and all summer. It is the perfect companion, especially for the beach, as it can be quickly thrown over a bikini or swimsuit.

Dress from Vero Moda

Designer Dress: Amazon has a cheap alternative to the perfect holiday dress

How to combine the trend dress

Although the designer dress from Pearl & Cavia is more elegant than the practical everyday dress from Vero Moda, both garments are real spring and summer dresses that only need a few “accessories” to look fantastic. We combine the casual spring dress from Pearl & Caviar with elegant pumps, which can be yellow, just like the stripes on the dress. Now only a cream-colored clutch is missing, in which we can stow our most important tools. Already now we can be sure to be the glorious center of the evening for a party or at the beach bar on vacation.

Elegant pumps would be a break in the style of the casual summer dress from Vero Moda. We prefer to combine cool white sneakers and a denim jacket, which may have a used look. But the dress also cuts a stunning figure with sandals on holiday.

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