This summer’s nicest garden furniture

The “Pacha” sofa from Gubi has also been available for outdoor use since this season: (Photo: PD)

bed in the garden

For those who also like to have a good time in the garden, the selection of furniture has never been greater.

One of the most defining motifs of Swiss garden furniture is the hole. Classics like the “Landi” chair by Hans Coray or “Bermuda” from the traditional Schaffner brand can be clearly identified on their perforated seat and backrest. Their design language, derived from the Bauhaus and classical modernism, is now considered iconic. But the chairs are primarily characterized by their functionality. They symbolize what most Swiss garden furniture is: simple, durable and stackable.

Even the harshest winter can not damage the curved steel pipe and the solid plastic shell, and the holes ensure that everything can dry quickly without water. Seen in this way, it is hardly surprising that in Switzerland, from the mountain hut to the private city balcony, the same chairs have been seen for years.

Terraces look like living rooms

But something is changing. Perhaps it has something to do with climate change or the exponential increase in sofa potatoes, that the fashion requirements for outdoor areas have also increased in this country, while in more southern skies people have always liked to place extensive sofa landscapes in the garden. The comfort from the inside, which invites you to sit or lie down for a long time, is now also what many people want for the outdoor area. We eat, read and sleep more and more often outside.

Terraces resembling living rooms became more and more enchanted from season to season. But this year it’s really true. In the latest outdoor furniture collections, such as the Danish design brand Gubi, whole groups of upholstered furniture are placed in the sun from this season, without their color threatening to fade. Even the Pacha lounge chair, which the influencers have been competing for a long time, is now available in a modified version for the terrace.

As is so often the case, the pioneers of this inside-out strategy were the Italian design producers, who also chose an outdoor strategy just in time for the first spring of the pandemic: sofa specialists Cassina and Flexform presented their first garden collection for 2020, moving B&B Italia and Minotti outside a bit earlier.

Weatherproof materials

Many of these manufacturers could benefit from many years of experience in the design of cruise ships, where furniture is exposed to the most stormy conditions. Of course, the newer designs also need to be robust. Comfort also means that you no longer have to rush to lug around furniture in the event of an unexpected rainstorm. This was wishful thinking for a long time, especially when it came to upholstery.

Furniture manufacturers have therefore experimented a lot in recent years and invested large parts of their resources in researching new materials. Polyester blends, polypropylene cords or polyacrylics can be used to make covers that are UV-resistant but also provide protection against moisture or oil-based liquids such as sunscreens. The quality is now so good that the haptics can hardly be distinguished from those known from the living room.

It’s all about the mix of styles

The risk of confusion is also due to the fact that design brands often adapt existing designs from the interior. Complete living room decor is moved outside to create a smooth transition between inside and outside – and to be able to sell customers a holistic concept that carries the style forward, according to the desire that was apparently expressed many times. Representatives of Scandinavian minimalism should now be happy. The teak, which is popular here, is also processed into a deck chair.

At the same time, however, some southern grandezas should not be neglected. In view of the increasing density of living space, such a garden is also a luxury. In urban areas, the same goes for a balcony – and for a roof terrace anyway. So there is no need to be shy about sumptuous ceramic vases or eclectic patterned covers. After all, the best hand proves who’s mastering the mix of styles anyway. So do not draw hasty conclusions and sell the wonderful Swiss design classics on Tutti or Ricardo right away.

This summer’s nicest garden furniture:

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