Should Gladbach pull the strings at Hütter?

Gladbach sports director Roland Virkus wants to kick off the new season with Adi Hütter. The question arises whether this may be the right plan for Fohlenelf. Criticism of the Austrian is growing, the relationship with the team is even said to be “broken”.

The mood at Nederrhinen has reached the next low of the season after the derby defeat. “Hütter raus” call was heard for the first time in Borussia Park. After the bankruptcy, some supporters aired their dissatisfaction in front of the cabin wing.

It is clear that Gladbach will end the season in the no – man’s table of the table under coach Adi Hütter. With Freiburg, Leipzig, Frankfurt and Hoffenheim, opponents are still waiting in the last four match days, all of which are ahead of VfL. So it could get even more uncomfortable in Gladbach in mid-May.

With great influence on the plans for the coming season. According to the current plan, it will be taken up with Adi Hütter. Sports director Roland Virkus should have already discussed the new round with the Austrian. Hütter himself shows no sign of wanting to vacate his chair. On the contrary, the team needs to be rebuilt in accordance with his ideas. A defensive midfielder who also leads the team verbally is according to sports picture at the top of the priority list.

Will this priority move toward the search for a coach? The fact is that Hütter’s contract is valid until 2024. With an annual salary of around three million euros, Borussia can actually not afford to be released – especially since a transfer fee of 7.5 million euros was transferred to Frankfurt a year ago.

A separation therefore only seems realistic if Hütter voluntarily resigns and takes on another task directly. The team would apparently not be unhappy with that. There has already been some speculation about the bad relationship between the team and the coach. sky has now refilled and announced that it was “crushed”.

The claims from players are clear: no intensity in training. Lack of tact in dealing with the team. No tactical flexibility.

The coach’s work is said to have become a constant theme in the locker room. It started with trading with Florian Neuhaus. Hütter publicly spoke the national team player at the start of the season. All in all, the Austrian was mostly cool when communicating with his players, and the number of Hütter critics in the locker room continued to be high.

This lies not only in the handling, but also in the training control and the tactical orientation. In training, the same exercises are repeated often weekly. The intensity is not adequate enough to be physically fit on the day of play. In addition, Hütter is not seen on the field during reservist training after the matches – which gives the players behind it the feeling of not being able to impose themselves.

If you look at the team’s running data, you will at least find indications of the lack of intensity. In the second half, the foals have already lost several points this season. Do you believe that skyreport, the team also sees the reason for this in tactics. Hütter sticks to its Frankfurt success system with a chain of three. However, the squad is only partially geared for that. In any case, the majority of players should not feel very comfortable in it.

From Gladbach’s point of view, the question must actually be asked whether to pull the cord on the coaching post. An ending with horror would therefore be better than horror without end. The mortgage that Hütter will start the new season with is at least huge. And could get even bigger with a weak finish to the current season.

Although the report on the allegedly broken relationship with the team may be exaggerated – just the fact that these rumors continue shows how tense the situation on the Lower Rhine is. And that the togetherness on the team and with the coach must be significantly better if you are to be successful again.

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