Relaunch: Dallmayr Ethiopia in new design

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Relaunch: Dallmayr Ethiopia in new design

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Dallmayr Ethiopia in new design

Dallmayr presents its sustainable coffee from Ethiopia in new packaging.

The sustainable classic Dallmayr Ethiopia shines in a new, eye-catching packaging design in early 2022. With the sale of Ethiopian coffee of one origin, Dallmayr has been involved in social and sustainable coffee origins for more than 10 years.

  • Single origin coffee from Ethiopia, 100% Arabica
  • Modern, eye-catching packaging design with storytelling
  • Sustainable engagement in Ethiopia
  • Rainforest Alliance certified
  • Enjoy from April 2022: 750g whole beans
  • Spicy and full-bodied with notes of wild herbs, lemongrass and a touch of dark chocolate


Interest in high-quality sustainable products is growing, and more and more people are willing to spend more money on certified foods. Dallmayr uses the development and, thanks to the new, attention-grabbing package design, ensures more visibility for Dallmayr Ethiopia on the shelves.

The sunny yellow packaging impresses with its clarity. As a symbol of the origin of the top coffee, the Ethiopian highlands are still shown in the middle of the package in a modern watercolor style. The origin of the beans and the taste profile are visible to the consumer at first glance. The back of the packaging provides a detailed storytelling about Dallmayr’s involvement in Ethiopia and communicates the project work to the outside world in a transparent way.

The quality of Dallmayr Ethiopia remains unchanged. Hand-picked Arabicas from the highlands of Ethiopia form the basis of the coffee of one origin. The beans form the typical taste of many Dallmayr coffees – at Dallmayr Ethiopia 100%. Its noble aroma impresses with notes of wild herbs, rounded off by the scent of lemongrass and a touch of dark chocolate.


By using high quality Arabica coffee to Ethiopia, Dallmayr improves the earnings situation in the country of origin. The washed Arabicas, which are usually much more expensive, provide correspondingly higher incomes to the coffee farmers and their families. In addition, Dallmayr Ethiopia has received several sustainability awards. In addition to the Rainforest Alliance seal, the coffee also bears the Dallmayr Via Verde seal – our sign of our sense of responsibility to people and nature. With targeted project work and support from the Ethiopian aid “Menschen für Menschen”, the company has also provided holistic and proactive development assistance in Ethiopia for more than 10 years.


Ethiopia has been the main source country for Dallmayr for over 50 years. Due to the close and decades-long trade relationship, the company feels particularly attached to the East African country and has since 2008 been engaged in the sale of all Ethiopian coffee with one origin to the foundation “Menschen für Menschen”.

“We are still one of the largest buyers of washed Arabica beans. There is close contact with many families through generations. For us, strengthening the country in the long term is a matter of the heart, ”explains Simone Werle.

What we have achieved so far:

  • Over 53.5 million tree seedlings planted
  • New construction of a school for about 1,000 children
  • Construction of wells for local water supply

Our current project:

  • Establishment of a sustainable coffee cooperative in the Dano project area

By planting millions of tree implants, Dallmayr lays the foundation for growing high-yield coffee. With the construction of the school, the family business promotes education and social development in the region and enables more than 1,000 children to step into a better future. The development of a sustainable coffee region with small farm structures rounds off the project work and creates another long-term perspective for the local population.

“The construction of the school was an important milestone in the partnership with” Menschen für Menschen “and at the same time the starting signal for a holistic development cooperation. With the construction of the coffee cooperative, we now promote coffee cultivation together and give people the opportunity for self-development,” says Simone Werle.


In 2021, Dallmayr received the German Award for Sustainability Projects for its social and sustainable engagement in Ethiopia, which was presented for the first time by the German Institute for Service Quality in collaboration with the news channel ntv and DUP Unternehmer Magazin.

Dallmayr Ethiopia 500 g ground and whole beans will be available in the new design in retail stores and online at from the end of February 2022. The new pack size of 750 g whole beans will follow in April 2022.

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