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Relaunch at Deutschlandfunk (IMAGO / Panthermedia / Deutschlandfunk)

After switching our websites to a version in early 2021 that makes them more usable on smartphones, we’re taking the next step with the introduction of a new content management system: the technology in the background has been renewed. With a new player, improved design and a more functional program preview and review, we can better meet the needs of our users.

The most important changes

The media library becomes a program preview and review

We have integrated the media library into the new program page. Did you miss a program, or would you like to hear a contribution? You can now find all the audio that was sent there. If there are lyrics for individual audio recordings, they are also linked here. And the program page gives, as usual, a look into the future.
If you are looking for specific audio files or want to get an overview of the submitted audio files, you can now also visit the audio archive. There you can select audio lookup all three programs search, find and hear. You can open the audio archive in a new browser tab or window. Then you have access to it at all times.
Screenshot of the audio archive search

Download and share audio

You can still download most audio files to your computer or mobile device as MP3 files. To do this, as usual, play only the sound. In the player you will then find a black circle with three horizontal dots. This hides other features such as downloading the file and sharing features.

If you are particularly interested in a number of programs, you can call them directly via the Programs navigation point.

The live stream can be started using the live button. The new player opens at the bottom of the page. You can continue to use the page while listening to audio. The live stream also continues if you e.g. opens an article on the page. This also applies to audio playback. You can easily change the playback volume of your device.

Deutschlandfunk offers several live streams in different playback quality to listen to the current program. We have compiled an overview of the individual streams for web radio stations and players for you.

How can I subscribe to podcasts?

An overview of all podcasts can be found on the podcast overview. By clicking “Subscribe to Podcast”, you can go directly to the third-party platforms or via RSS feed to the URL that you can insert into any podcatcher.

Where can I find the Deutschlandradio recorder?

The recorder function in its previous form no longer exists. You can continue recording with the Phonostar recorder, but you must program the programs manually in the recorder itself.

Alternatively, there are two options for time-delayed listening:

  • Audio is available via our audio archive and audio library app shortly after broadcasts
  • With our timeshift player, users can listen live and jump up to two hours back.
As usual, you can briefly find today’s most important news on Deutschlandfunk’s website and in more detail on the news page.
The music list can now be accessed via a footer link under Service on each page. You can still sort by time or broadcast.

What about my old bookmarks?

All old bookmarks on posts are redirected automatically. The same goes for broadcasts and most theme portals. We have added an overview of RSS feeds in the footer links under Service.

Slightly adapted design

We have introduced a new content management system in the background. We used this as an opportunity to adjust the design to make our offer more user-friendly. Deutschlandfunk refreshed its design some time ago. This time, we concentrated on the Deutschlandfunk culture, but of course we renewed elements that Deutschlandfunk can also use. An example is the very popular program page, which now comes on both websites.

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