Duchess Camilla: That’s the relationship with the Queen, William + Harry

Duchess Camilla
Her change in the royal family: This is her relationship with William, Harry and the Queen

Duchess Camilla

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Camilla Parker Bowles – now Duchess Camilla – was once considered a red cloth in the British royal family. Known as Prince Charles’ mistress in the 1980s, she can now call herself the Duchess of Cornwall and one day “Queen Consort”. But how are Prince William, Harry and Queen Elizabeth doing with her?

It was probably the most difficult entry into the royal family that has ever existed in the British monarchy when Camilla Parker Bowles said yes to the heir to the throne in Britain in 2005. It is not just the fact that Camilla is already divorced and therefore a wedding is considered impossible in the Catholic Church. No, that’s the affair that cost Prince Charles, 73, and his Camilla 20 years before their wedding. Camilla is considered the “third person” in the marriage between Charles and Princess Diana, † 36.

Today she is the wife of the coming king. But has the image shift from the former lover to the future king’s wife also been successful within the walls of the palace?

Duchess Camilla had to fight hard to win the Queen’s respect

The relationship that could ensure that Prince Charles married a second time is undisputed that between Queen Elizabeth, 95, and Camilla. But especially after Diana and Charles divorced, the monarch is not even said to have tolerated the mention of Camilla’s name. According to journalist Tom Bower, the queen never forgave her son’s ex-affair for continuing to see Charles despite his partnership with Diana and their two sons. In his book Rebel Prince: The Power and Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles, Bower describes how Elizabeth officially forbade Charles to introduce her to the family. The Queen is said to have gone so far as to say, “I do not want that woman in my presence,” according to British cinematographer Christopher Wilson.

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It was not until 2000 – four years after the divorce, three years after Diana’s death and two years after Prince William met Camilla – that Queen Elizabeth agreed to meet her. The greatest reluctance that the monarch is said to have felt was the fact that Charles and Camilla had put their own love over the crown. Only after the wedding and with the performances that Camilla confidently completed did the queen’s resentment subside. Today, it appears that Queen Elizabeth in Duchess Camilla sees a trusted senior royal who has dedicated his life to the monarchy and embraced the royalty rules. That the monarch on the 70th anniversary of the throne announced that Camilla would one day be allowed to bear the title “Queen Spouse” is the greatest honor the 74-year-old could have received.

Camilla met Prince William a few months after Lady Di’s death

The queen was an obstacle that it took Camilla years to overcome. But imagine what it must have been like for Prince William, 39, and Prince Harry, 37, to meet the woman who caused their midwife so much grief during her lifetime and ultimately led to their parents’ divorce.

Prince Charles allegedly introduced Prince William and Camilla to Kensington Palace in 1998, a few months after Diana’s death. According to insiders, the first meeting should have been tense, but there was direct sympathy from both sides. Both William and his younger brother Prince Harry accepted their father’s new wife relatively quickly. As early as 2005, Harry spoke very lovingly about his stepmother. The Duchess of Cornwall is “not the bad stepmother” that many media would speculate. On the contrary: Harry, then 21, insisted that Camilla was a “wonderful woman who made our father very, very happy, which is the most important thing.”

Prince William + Prince Harry: That should be the reason for their good relationship with Duchess Camilla

According to relationship expert Neil Wilkie, this is an extraordinary relationship between Camilla and her stepsons with good reason. The 74-year-old made the right decision when she stepped into their lives: she in no way wanted to replace Princess Diana. “She’s not trying to push the memory of her mother away,” Wilkie told Express.

To this day, Prince William and Prince Harry have a close relationship with their stepmother and are said to greatly appreciate Camilla. The image change that the Duchess has also achieved in the media also draws a straight line within the walls of the palace. William, who is to succeed his father to the throne, is said to rejoice that Camilla is being honored with the Queen Consort title by her grandmother.

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