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Lionel Messi becomes brand ambassador for Socios

Messi is to receive $ 20 million

More and more collaborations between crypto companies and sports clubs

Cryptocompanies sponsor

Sponsors are an integral part of the sport. Through the athletes’ promotional work, companies expect greater reach and higher sales figures. Especially sports equipment manufacturers like adidas or Nike make use of these options. For the athletes, this is usually very profitable financially.


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Meanwhile, the crypto industry has also discovered sports as a lucrative advertising platform. A recent example is the collaboration between, a fantoken company, and the Argentine football star Lionel Messi. At the same time, more and more athletes are using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Dogecoin. Messi had already been partially paid in PSG fan tokens when he moved from FC Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in August 2021. This was confirmed by PSG in a press release dated 12 August 2021.

The collaboration is initially limited to three years

As announced in its press release on March 29, Messi will serve as the global brand ambassador for the fan-token company going forward. says it wants to use the Argentine in various training and advertising campaigns to promote the company to its 400 million followers. The collaboration is initially limited to three years. As the news agency Reuters reports, citing an internal source, Messi is said to receive more than 20 million US dollars for his work as a brand ambassador. says it has a desire to make the sport more exciting and rewarding for fans. The company wants to achieve this with the help of fan tokens. Messi stresses in the press release that fans deserve recognition for their support and influence over their favorite team. Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of, emphasizes that strives to make fans everywhere feel that their support matters, is valued and is special.

Sports clubs use cryptocurrencies as an additional source of revenue

As Reuters reports, more and more sports clubs are using cryptocurrencies as an additional source of revenue. This is evidenced by the large number of partnerships that has already entered into. According to the company, it has worked with over 130 of the world’s largest sports organizations. In addition to football teams such as Paris Saint-Germain, FC Barcelona and Manchester City, the company’s partners also include the major American sports teams such as the NBA, NHL and NFL as well as the UFC. In the United States, football and basketball stars like Tom Brady and LeBron James have already entered into advertising deals with crypto companies.

However, as Reuters emphasizes, there are also voices that look critically at such collaborations. Some consider the fan tokens a rip-off, as fans would only be granted superficial participation rights while costs continued to rise.

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