Crypto-beginners: Survey on Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co: Nearly half of cryptocurrencies invested for the first time in 2021 | news

Cryptomarket 2021 with several new investors
A large proportion of cryptony beginners
Protection against inflation as one of the main reasons for an investment

In a survey, the cryptocurrency exchange Gemini asked more than 30,000 people from 20 countries to take a closer look at the cryptocurrency sector and Bitcoin & Co. in 2021.


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Numerous crypto-beginners

About 40 percent of the respondents surveyed said in the survey that they had invested in digital assets for the first time in 2021. According to Gemini, this trend was even more pronounced in India, Brazil and Hong Kong: More than half of the respondents had acquired cryptocurrencies for the first time in 2021. According to the survey, 45 percent of cryptony beginners are in the United States, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region, while 40 percent of crypto investors in Europe have made crypto investments for the first time in the past year.

Overall, the share of cryptocurrencies in Brazil and Indonesia is highest, around 41 percent of the population has investments in digital assets. According to the study, the share of cryptocurrencies in the US is 20 percent, while in the UK it is 18 percent.

Curiosity is particularly high in Ireland

Numerous study participants who have not yet invested in crypto by 2021 were open to such investments in the future. 41 percent of survey participants are interested in learning more about the crypto market or plan to become involved in the next year, the survey continues.

Study participants from Ireland were particularly open to future crypto-investments: 58 per cent of respondents from this country were potentially interested in penetrating the world of crypto-investments. Overall, 47 percent of potential cryptony beginners were women, suggesting that the gender gap in crypto investment ownership may narrow in 2022, Gemini concludes.

Inflation as the main reason for crypto investments

Concerns about the rising devaluation of fiat money were one of the main reasons for investing in crypto in 2021. Respondents from countries that have seen their currency fall by 50 percent or more against the US dollar in the last 10 years, were more than five times more likely to say they plan to buy crypto in the coming year.

This was particularly supported by respondents from Latin America and Africa who have already experienced hyperinflation: about 60 percent of respondents from these regions described crypto as the “future of money”. About 46 percent explicitly emphasize the protection against inflation that they hope to gain by investing in digital currencies.

In the United States, survey participants see it a little differently: Less than a quarter of adults see cryptocurrencies as the future of money, and only 16 percent see them as a way to hedge against inflation.

In light of the recent significant rise in inflation rates, the trend towards crypto-investment should continue, the study’s organizers were convinced. “We expect the influx of crypto investors to continue this year as concerns about inflation rise in the United States and interest rates increase globally,” Noah Perlman, Gemini’s chief operating officer, said in a statement.


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