An MMORPG revolutionized the genre 23 years ago – now the chief designer is working on a new game

The MMORPG classic EverQuest was released in March 1999 and turned the whole genre around. With Monsters & Memories, one of EverQuest’s chief designers will do it again and launch a new MMORPG. We at MeinMMO summarize.

What kind of game is this? With Monsters & Memories, the developers want to conquer a niche that they believe is no longer occupied. It aims to bring back the old MMORPG feel while still incorporating some exciting changes. However, the developers of the title are seasoned veterans who know what they are doing.

Shawn Lord assumes the role of Creative Director of MMORPG. He has been a designer on EverQuest, chief designer on other EverQuest titles and design supervisor on DC Universe Online. So when it comes to designing MMORPGs, Shawn knows his stuff.

Also involved in Monsters & Memories are Twitch streamers, a former developer of Mortal Kombat 11 and a college game design teacher. The team behind the MMORPG brings a lot of expertise to the table, but it’s still in its infancy.

What are the highlights? Monster & Memories focuses on the following aspects and promises to address a very specific niche of players:

  • 12 different races from humans to trolls, goblins and elves
  • 18 different classes between melee and distance combat
  • Focus on group content in an open world, solo play should be possible but not optimized
  • A huge world with the underworld, heaven, hell and more divided into different zones
  • A western medieval fantasy setting with the usual “elves, squirrels and such shit” as the developers write
  • Monthly subscription, no Pay2Win features or microtransactions

Here you can see very early gameplay from MMORPG:

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When are Monsters & Memories coming out?

Where’s the game right now? Monsters & Memories is currently in the so-called “Proof of Concept” phase. This means that they are completing a small cross section of the game to show that the concept itself works. So this is still a very early stage of development. This proof of concept could then be used to attract investors. Developers are not currently revealing whether this is the exact plan.

However, you can really follow the development. The studio has shared monthly updates via their website and has made it very reliable since September 2020. A roadmap for the upcoming tasks in the next phases is also easily accessible and very transparent so fans can always stay updated on exact status.

When is the release? The experienced developers state that they simply can not estimate it yet. After completing proof of concept, they want to analyze the data and draw up a production plan and a new roadmap. So at the moment it is difficult to estimate a release date. In 2022, you should probably not expect the new MMORPG.

Where can you play? Monsters & Memories will initially appear on PC only. So far, there are no plans to roll out the MMORPG to other consoles. It is also not yet known if the game will be released via Steam.

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The community is excited

How do the fans react? They are very excited about the new title. The comments that the game has been able to collect so far are all very positive. But numerically, there are not very many people who take up the fight.

But the developers themselves say on their website that this is not the plan at all. Know that the game hits a niche that may not be very large. But it is precisely these players who also want something to play on, and that is how the idea for Monsters & Memories came about.

The few negative comments that can be found under various postings about the game are only afraid that the game will never show up. If you look at other projects of this kind, this is fundamentally justified, but especially the roadmap and the monthly updates so far give no cause for concern.

What does society say? We would of course like to show you some of the comments here:

  • Benjamin Cladwell writes (via YouTube): “I enjoy this desert shown here. I like the aesthetics of this 1001 night! “
  • QPON writes (via YouTube): “This actually looks like an MMO that even a small team can perform.”
  • Shokadezz writes (via YouTube): “It looks great! I heard about the game on EverQuest and will definitely keep an eye out. “
  • Teekay writes (via reddit): “This looks like a clone of EverQuest – and I love it.”

What do you think of Monsters & Memories? Do you want to keep an eye on the MMORPG and play at some point, or are subscription models not for you? Did you like EverQuest, and have you ever played the classic? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO.

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