Waldshut-Tiengen: In Waldshut-Tiengen there is a double program for children and families on Saturday 7 May

This weekend is in Waldshut as well as in Tiengen for the sake of families and children. On Saturday 7 May from 10.00 to 17.00, Tiengen’s pedestrian street and marketplace will be transformed into a large children’s paradise. “On this day, everything revolves around the small visitors,” says Nikola Kögel, CEO of the Tiengener action group, which organizes the action.

The square in Tiengen is to be transformed back into a children's paradise on Saturday 7 May during the children's days.

The square in Tiengen is to be transformed back into a children’s paradise on Saturday 7 May during the children’s days. | Image: action group

After the children’s day could not take place in the last two years due to the pandemic, the Tiengen action group is very happy to be able to make this day possible for the children again. “Especially the little ones had to do without so much during Corona. Children’s Day was sorely missed by many, and we would like to give our little guests special hours in Tiengen again,” says Nikola Kögel.

Family days start with music

Also in Waldshut, the family days start on Saturday with the music day. It also starts at 10. In the pedestrian zone there will be information stands from the Hochrhein Children’s and Youth Choir, Doremi Singing School and Southern Black Forest Music School.

There are also various square concerts on Kaiserstrasse until kl. From 12:00 to 14:00, Stadtmusik Waldshut offers musical games for children.

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From kl. From 10 a.m. to noon, children can try instruments at Robert Schuman High School in Waldshut at the Southern Black Forest Music School to see which ones they like.

“The next day of action, which will then have the motto of sports, takes place on June 25 in the center of Waldshut. We are all really looking forward to it, “says Stefanie Kreß, Vice President of Waldshut’s Advertising and Promotion Group.

Circus and mini train in the marketplace

In Tiengen, the action group organized fun hands-on offers, exciting competitions, demonstrations and many surprises. The girls and boys can also win prizes at various gaming stations.

In addition to the pedestrian street, the marketplace is also a capital: Circus Zebrasco will present a circus show there at. 10.30, 12.30 and 14.30. “It is also something special for the young people in the circus to be able to perform again after such a long break,” says Kögel.

Also in the marketplace this year, for the first time, a mini-steam train goes around, which is fired with coal and gives both children and adults space to ride with. In Sparkasse Hochrhein’s premises, young visitors can enjoy Remsthal puppet theater and attend the performances at 11.30, 13.30 and 15.30.

In the pedestrian zone there are many stands with a wide range of activities for children. In addition to face painting, there are wooden crafts, buttons, wheels of fortune and a draw. At 4 pm, the new children’s city tour by Renate Buchmüller “The Gardener at Tiengener Castle” starts in the castle garden.

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