Titleist Vokey Design SM9 Wedges

What changes in a product that has been loved by the world’s best golfers for years? Bob Vokey and his team ask themselves this question every two years, because in this cycle the new products are presented, which of course must always preserve the DNA and the manuscript. “We do not change things for their own sake, we only change things if we generate an increase in performance,” Jeremy Stone, director of marketing at Vokey Wedges, once confirmed in an interview. What is meant is that successful technologies are not shaken if there is nothing new that is significantly better. In detail, it was about the face, which remained unchanged for a long time because Titleist simply had not found a way to optimize it. While competing companies advertised for new spin miracle cures every year, Americans kept a low profile and continued to research in the background.

Vokey wedges with incremental improvements

In this year’s generation, there was another change affecting the club surface. A special heat treatment makes the grooves and micro grooves that run between the actual grooves more durable, so the durability is now longer. In addition, the cutting and milling process has been changed, resulting in even more precise corners and edges. Last but not least, there are the already mentioned microrills. These have been renewed so that more friction and thus spin in general is possible. Although Titleist did not announce improved performance in rainy or wet conditions, the changes are at least a strong option as the new micro grooves conduct moisture better away.

The incremental improvements continue with the topic center of gravity. The history of technology began in the sixth generation, when high ceilings got higher centers of gravity and low ceilings got lower. This gives better control over the shots, in the short game the balls fly flatter, but with more spin and full shots the forgiveness increases. This theoretical approach has been confirmed in several tests with the professionals, so Titleist pushes it further. Subtle changes in mass distribution cause the differences between the models.

Titleist Vokey Design SM9 wedges – from the professionals to us amateurs

Titleist typically begins with extensive tour seeding, where innovations are the prototype for the world’s best golfers. With feedback from the stars, the impressions from the difficult tournament conditions and just personal preferences, minimal changes can then be made before the products go into series production. If an innovation shows its worth among professionals, we amateurs have the opportunity to enjoy it.

Titleist Vokey Design SM9 wedges – best fit

Adaptation, assembly, adaptation. Titleist is and has always been at the forefront of personalizing equipment. Be it the usual suspects such as sets of irons, drivers or putters (Scotty Cameron) or balls and wedges. Often, erroneous attention is paid to balls and wedges when buying, although they are particularly predetermined for a professional fit due to an extremely large number of variables (ceiling, gate, subterranean, scope, bounce, spin or swing type).

“It’s always interesting to see, because every golfer needs completely different clubs. Rarely do the same wedge combinations go out in one day,” said Bob Vokey, the brain, namesake and wedge guru behind Titleist Vokey Design SM9 Wedges. Because every turn is different, everyone has different preferences, everyone plays different courses, and everyone has different difficulties, wedge alignment is so useful. Try it and let yourself be convinced.

Our equipment editor enjoyed a customization with Bob Vokey himself. You can find his statement HERE.

Further adjustments possible

The customization options do not stop when the right wedge combination is put together because the range of finishes, punching and other optical gimmicks on the hosel or grip make your wedge unique. The easiest way to discuss these special wishes is by ordering a fitting. The link below takes you directly to the Titleist overview page with all wedge bracket agreements in your area.

HERE leads you directly to the Titleist page with all dates

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