The shell construction of the Porsche Design Tower and Porsche Center Stuttgart completed

Porsche Design Tower, Porsche Center Stuttgart, 2022, Porsche AG

Porsche Germany, the lifestyle brand Porsche Design and Bülow AG have reached further milestones in their first joint construction project.

The shell for the new Porsche Design Tower was completed at the end of November 2021 – just 14 months after the foundation stone was laid. Construction of the facade and interior of the Porsche Center is in full swing. The work on both buildings is therefore on schedule. In the future, the ensemble will enrich Stuttgart’s skyline with another architectural landmark. “The name Porsche stands for performance – on the racetrack and now also when it comes to realizing the new Porsche Design Tower,” says Jan Becker, CEO of Porsche Lifestyle Group. “The lifestyle brand Porsche Design has been designing product design icons for 50 years that carry the Porsche principles beyond the automotive world. Our goal is to create a perfect symbiosis of form and function.”

“We are already looking forward to the opening of the new Porsche Center in Stuttgart’s Pragsattel – the site will be a modern meeting place for fans and customers of our brand,” said Alexander Pollich, CEO of Porsche Germany and Chairman of the Shareholder Committee. of the Porsche division Stuttgart Ltd. “From the middle of this year, our visitors can expect an exciting fire experience that meets several individual requirements and wishes of modern brick-and-mortar trade”.

Glass facade erected in a few months

The entire facade of the 90-meter-high building was to be completed this summer. The assembly of the glass house from the ground floor to the ninth floor took place in parallel with the shell. The interior design must be carried out immediately thereafter.

Alexander Pollich, Chairman of the Board of Porsche Germany and Chairman of the Shareholder Committee of the Porsche Division Stuttgart GmbH, Horst Bülow, Chairman of the Board of Bülow AG, Jan Becker, Chairman of the Board of Porsche Lifestyle Group (lr), 2022, Porsche AG

Alexander Pollich, Chairman of the Board of Porsche Germany and Chairman of the Shareholder Committee of the Porsche division Stuttgart GmbH, Horst Bülow, Chairman of the Board of Bülow AG, Jan Becker, Chairman of the Board of Porsche Lifestyle Group (lr)

The project is realized by Bülow AG as the developer, who has also developed the design – in close collaboration with Porsche Lifestyle Group and Porsche Germany. “With the Porsche Design Tower, the tallest skyscraper in Stuttgart, we are realizing another landmark that shapes the cityscape – as we did in 1992 with the distinctive Bülow Tower, Colorado Tower and Skyline Living Tower,” said Horst Bülow, CEO of Bülow AG .

“Mixed Used Building” with office space and hotel

On the lower eight floors of the tower, about 5,500 square meters of office space will be created, which Porsche Consulting GmbH will occupy as main tenants. In the future, the Porsche Design Tower will be the headquarters for management consulting. A Radisson BLU hotel with 168 rooms is being built on floors 9 to 23. The excellent transport links and the spacious meeting and event rooms make the hotel an ideal place, especially for business travelers. The restaurant and bar, including the roof terrace on the tenth floor, impress with a spectacular view of the city center of the state capital Baden-Württemberg.

Construction of Porsche Design Tower, Stuttgart, 2022, Porsche AG

Construction of the Porsche Design Tower

The world of experience opens later this year

The Porsche Center Stuttgart is scheduled to move from the Zuffenhausen to the new building in mid-2022. The facade of the building is currently under construction, while the interior work is already underway. Highlights include showroom with various flexible modules and installation of the extended workshop and car wash. Almost all orders for the construction project have already been awarded.

The future Porsche center will be realized according to the new retail concept “Destination Porsche”. It focuses on a high quality of stay in all retail formats; visitors must be able to experience the brand authentically and exchange ideas. One of the special features of the Pragsattel location will be an area where selected products from the brands Porsche Design and Porsche Lifestyle will be available. Porsche fans can also take a “look behind the scenes”: From Heilbronner Strasse, they can see through a large glass window into the workshop on the first basement floor. A convenient valet parking service for the underground car park is also available for visitors to the Porsche Center. A fast charging infrastructure is being created outside; the roof of the building is greened and equipped with a photovoltaic system.

Special highlights from “Destination Porsche”

The “Destination Porsche” concept also includes flexible modules, which will also be available at the Pragsattel site. They deal with, among other things, product highlights, the world of electromobility and used and classic vehicles. In addition, “Destination Porsche” seamlessly connects the physical space with the digital world. Client advisors can use touch screens to present products and services interactively; The sales process is supported by a mobile-enabled IT solution. The first complete implementation of this concept in a new building took place in Dortmund at the end of 2020.

New retail concept fully implemented in a new building for the first time worldwide

For the first time, Porsche has implemented its new “Destination Porsche” retail concept completely in a newly built Porsche Center.

Porsche Germany is building the new Porsche Center in Stuttgart together with Volkswagen Immobilien Blue GmbH & Co. KG, the project’s customer. The tenant of the property is the Porsche branch Stuttgart GmbH.

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