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The New York Philharmonic, founded in 1842 and thus the oldest orchestra in the United States, is once again changing its visual identity. Like New York City, which is constantly changing, “NY Phil” is constantly reinventing itself, according to the official press release.

Just six years ago, the New York Philharmonic got a whole new visual look (dt reported). The redesign took place against the background of the orchestra’s 175th anniversary. Now it is the extensive renovation of the orchestra’s venue, the David Geffen Hall, which is being used as an opportunity to reposition itself visually.

For the Philharmonic Orchestra, a new chapter in the history of the orchestra begins. It is the attempt, as it is called in connection with the presentation of the new visual identity, to create a new relationship between the city and its orchestra. The new concert hall gives musicians, singers and artists the opportunity to be seen, heard and experienced from all angles. The opening of the extensively renovated David Geffen Hall (part of the Lincoln Center), where spectators will be able to sit behind the scenes for the first time (see reproductions), is scheduled for October 2022.

New York Philharmonic Corporate Design - Visually
New York Philharmonic Corporate Design – Visual, Source: It’s Nice That

This is the third time in almost twenty years that the New York Philharmonic has got a whole new look. Also this time we worked with a well-known agency or designer. In 2009, Paula Scher (Pentagram Partner) was responsible for the redesign. In 2016, it was a team from MetaDesign that got a hand in NY Phil. Now it is the agency group Ogilvy (New York) that has received the order to renew the design.

New York Philharmonic Logo Evolution
New York Philharmonic Logoevolution, image source: NY Phil, image montage: dt

The location in the heart of New York and the architectural and structural conditions at the intersection of 65th Street and Broadway now serve as reference points for the new look. The central space in front of the Lincoln Center and its square shape was the inspiration for the new NY Phil distinctive sign. As with the previous signet, this is solely a type logo. Unlike before, however, only the abbreviated name “NEW PHIL” has been used in the new logo. The reduction to fewer letters while simultaneously converting to a square shape creates a compact character. Thanks to the structure and form, patterns and structures can also be generated based on the typographic character.


Very strong. The diamond-shaped word mark is far more than just a logo. It is the center of the entire design system. Based on the lattice based on the diamond shape, an unmistakable visual identity is created using typography and imagery. A smart, maximally flexible / functional, modern and extremely aesthetic design. Bravo!

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