Promised chocolate: Man addresses children on the way to school in a suspicious way – Schwabach, Wendelstein, Roth, Wendelstein

– Recently, children have been approached twice by an unknown man near Wendelstein and asked to get into the vehicle or take it with them. Police in the Roth district have been alerted.

On Tuesday morning, the stranger in Großschwarzenlohe spoke to a boy on his way to school “in a suspicious manner”, according to a statement from the Central Frankish police. The child was walking around 7.45am on Erlenstraße when an unknown man between the ages of 50 and 60 approached him from a red van near the sports club. With the promise of chocolate, he wanted to persuade the student to move on. The child ran away and confided in a teacher at the school, who called the police.

A similar case had already occurred on Wednesday of the last week, April 27, 2022, in Röthenbach near St. Wolfgang. Here was also a boy on his way to school. Around 7:20 a.m., a man on his scooter on the Alte Salzstraße, near Am Zehnthof street, asked him to come with him and promised chocolate. This boy also went fast and reported the incident to the school.

The man is described as follows:

Police describe the man as between 50 and 60 years old, between 1.75 and 1.80 meters tall, normal build and short, gray hair. In both cases, he was wearing a short, black leather jacket. The vehicle was a red car, probably a van resembling a VW Caddy.

The criminal police in Schwabach have started the investigation. Due to the similar procedure and the largely identical description of the perpetrator, there is a high probability that the suspect may be the same in both cases. Anyone with information related to the two incidents please call (0911) 2112-3333.

According to the current status, the police assume that the two incidents can not be linked to the person who is currently being warned about by privately distributed leaflets in the Wendelstein area.

The police give the following instructions on how to behave:

  • Talk to your child about their experiences and concerns. Make your child feel like they can tell you anything. Take time for this.
  • Practice with your child how to behave in threatening situations so that he can react correctly in an emergency. A self-assertion course for children can be helpful.
  • Do not scare your child. Panic is a bad companion in every way.

In an emergency:

  • If your child reports an incident, try to stay calm. Listen carefully to your child and take it seriously.
  • In emergency situations, call the police immediately by calling 110.
  • Refrain from handwritten “manhunt calls” in social networks, chat groups and the like. Here you have neither the degree of distribution nor the content of additional distribution messages in hand.

For prevention:

  • Discuss with your child where he or she can get help on the way to school or on the playground. Shops, blades on a front door, busy streets and the like.
  • If possible, send your child to school or the playground in small groups with other children.
  • Do not label clothes or school bags with names that are visible from the outside. If a stranger addresses the child by his first name, a basis of trust is proposed.
  • Children should learn to keep their distance from vehicles when talking to them.
  • Children need to know that they can always reject requests or requests from strangers without it being rude.
  • Children must experience respect and self-confidence in everyday life in order to develop self-confidence. Perpetrators prefer to turn to children who seem insecure. Self-confidence is therefore an effective protection.

All current police reports can be found here.

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