Prince Harry: This is how his relationship with Camilla developed

Prince Harry is said to be addressing Duchess Camilla in her forthcoming memoir. This is how he should now stand by his stepmother.

Prince Harry’s (37) memoirs are due out in just a few months. According to Random House, the autobiography is about Harry’s “experiences, adventures, losses and life lessons that helped shape him.” Various royal experts are sure that this project of the American of his choice will not fall into good soil with his royal family. Harry is said to be in his book, in addition to his father Prince Charles (73) and his brother Prince William (39), especially about his stepmother Duchess Camilla (74). But why is the father of two openly aiming for Camilla? The prince and the duchess apparently had a strained relationship from the start.

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Prince Harry punished Duchess Camilla with silence

A few years after the tragic death of Princess Diana († 36), Charles and Camilla – then known as Camilla Parker Bowles – officially made their relationship. When Harry first met his father’s new partner as a teenager, the mood between the two must have been pretty icy cold. In fact, author Tina Brown quotes a palace insider in The Palace Papers as saying, “When the boy was finally tricked into being in Mrs. Parker Bowle’s presence, he met her with long silences and smoldering, angry glances.” As the royal expert Penny Junor explains in the book “Prince William: Born to be King”, Harry is said to have only seen Camilla at this time as “the other woman” who steals his time with his father.

Harry seems to be getting along well with another woman in his family. In the video you can see the sweetest moments between Harry and the Queen
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The relationship between Prince Harry and Duchess Camilla has remained strained

Over the years, Harry is said to have at least thawed out a bit towards the Duchess of Cornwall. “They had a lot of problems in the beginning. But as Harry and his brother William got older and matured, things got better. Now they can live peacefully together as adults,” a friend claimed, according to The Mirror. The fact that Harry even talked about how much he and William love Camilla a few years ago is more of a show, they say. For although the relationship is said to have improved over the years, the two brothers are said to have never warmed up to Camilla.

It ruined relationship with Duchess Meghan

When Harry introduced his wife Duchess Meghan (40) to his family, the former actress is said to have gotten along really well with Camilla. But it obviously did not last long. Most recently, since Harry and Meghan have resigned from their royal duties and the royal family, especially Charles, has publicly criticized, there has apparently been an ice age between the two women. “I do not think the Duchess will ever forgive Meghan for what she did to the Prince of Wales,” a source told The Telegraph.

Because of his recollections: Palace officials want to take Prince Harry to court

In the video, you can see why Harry’s memories could even bring him to court
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Prince Harry is said to be angry: Duchess Camilla becomes “Queen Consort”

It was not until February that Queen Elizabeth II (95) announced that Camilla would become “Queen Consort” as soon as Charles ascended the throne. The 74-year-old will then officially bear the title “Queen” – and that’s exactly what Harry should not like at all. He himself has not yet commented on this announcement, but the author Tina Brown is sure: “Harry can not tolerate Camilla. He does not want Camilla to be queen, he is very angry that it will happen like this. The prince has I have not found peace with it yet and probably will not. “

Camilla - from mistress to majesty

Camilla – from mistress to majesty.
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