Mobile and Kekz want to collaborate on offers for children

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Offers for children and adults in Pattensen: How the association Mobile and the initiative Kekz plan the collaboration

Pattensen Center.Together instead of against each other: Two women from Patten have recently founded the children-adult course center – in short: Kekz. Is it now a competition for the already existing multi-generation house in the association Mobil? The operators of both facilities deny this and demonstrate unity. And they explain what the future collaboration should look like.

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The two Kekz operators Sandra Förster and Gesa Roßa plan to create different offers for children and adults in their premises on Talstraße 5c. In the medium term, there should be a course from pregnancy to old age. In addition to the two initiators, there are other course leaders. A physiotherapist offers fitness to mothers, an educator offers pediatric yoga, a midwife offers courses in birth preparation and postnatal rehabilitation, and a former gymnast offers sports to keep fit.

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Kekz operators continue to offer courses on Mobile

In addition to their own offerings, Roßa and Förster will continue to work for Mobile with their courses for children. “It’s all cool, we’re in harmony with each other,” Roßa says. She will dismiss rumors she has heard that Mobile and Kekz are not green. “There is a lot of talk in the city. We want to counter the gossip aggressively and prove the opposite, ”says Förster.

In the last few weeks, several residents of Patten have approached Annette Köppel with questions: “Do you no longer make parent-child offers?” The mobile frontwoman has repeatedly emphasized that both institutions want to support each other from now on. “Kekz is not a competitor. We see it as an extra network that everyone in Pattensen can ultimately benefit from,” says Köppel.

When the association was founded in 1996, there were reservations about Mobil

She recalled the launch of Mobile in 1996. “We encountered many reservations at the time. That is not how we would react after Kekz was founded.” The idea “We have always done it this way” is not forward-looking, she says. is good. We can better meet the needs of the young local families, ”says Köppel.

What the collaboration should look like in the future still needs to be discussed concretely. But there are already initial games of thought. It is important that future course wishes are discussed with each other at an early stage. “We do not need duplicate offers,” says Elke Eicke of Mobile. In addition, the offers to the parents must be transparent. A course at Mobile, a similar one at Kekz – which could lead to irritation.

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Registrations for offers must be made on Mobile

Therefore, both sides plan for Mobile to handle all administrative matters. “We plan that all registrations will be made on Mobile. Only the locations of the offers are different, ”says Köppel. Because the multi-generation house only offers limited space, mobile offers may also switch to Talstrasse in the future. The opposite path is also conceivable for smaller groups.

Kekz celebrates its official opening on Sunday, May 8 from 6 p.m. 14:00 to 18:00 on the premises at Talstraße 5c. All interested parties are invited to get to know the founders, course leaders and future offers on site. There must be sports and creative offerings to try.

Kekz and Mobile can be reached here

Further information is available from Roßa and Förster on telephone (0152) 03619849 or via e-mail to Mobile can be reached by phone (05101) 109030 or via e-mail to

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