Design your own office

In the Corona pandemic, the needs for which office space will be needed in the future have changed fundamentally. Many companies also used the time to give their office space a new coat of paint or to replace the furniture. But how should an optimal office environment be designed so that employees can fully develop their creativity and potential for innovation?

Employees are most creative when they feel comfortable in their work environment. When decorating the office, great emphasis should therefore be placed on creating a work environment that is adapted to the employees’ physical well-being. For example, access to daylight is extremely important. Natural light not only stimulates productivity, it also reduces the feeling of drowsiness, strained eyes and associated headaches. Equally important is good ventilation of the office premises.

Health-promoting environment

In addition to the properties of the room itself, the health-promoting properties of the furniture are also essential. Comfortable and ergonomic seating furniture as well as the option of a bar table help to reduce injuries such as back pain and thus also promote well-being. In return, they help employees maintain a constant energy level, which has a positive effect on their ability to think creatively.

Design your own office

Daylight plays an important role in the creative thought process. Beyond that, windows can offer even more. Views outside the office space can have a positive impact on creativity. This effect is enhanced when the windows offer views of nature, such as plants, trees or the sky. Looking at a natural environment helps to reduce stress, let your thoughts run free and thus increase creativity. However, if the location does not allow it, indoor plants in the office itself can be a good alternative, or they can also be used to complement the view of nature.

Variation please – avoid monotony

It is also important to avoid monotony. Being exposed to the same environment over a long period of time can have a tiring effect on creativity. Anyone who then encounters a mental block should be able to change the location. Modern providers of flexible office space are therefore dependent on arranging individual areas with different functions – completely according to the individual company’s needs. In addition to the classic work surfaces, there is an area for, for example, communication and interaction. Communicating with your peers can break through mental blockages and help you look at a problem from a new perspective. A designated area for communication also ensures that other colleagues are not interrupted in their concentration and their own creative thought processes.

Design different functional areas

To revisit the aspect of well-being, an office concept that wants to encourage creative ideas should also have areas of relaxation. Relaxation rooms should be designed to reduce stress and thus increase well-being through relaxation. Peace, serenity and, above all, breaks in thinking are important prerequisites for clearing your head and creating space for new ideas.

The design of an office therefore offers many different opportunities to have a positive effect on the creativity and thus the innovative spirit of the employees. Although external factors, such as access to daylight and nature, are often difficult to influence, there are still many other options for designing office space that foster creativity: from interior design, to the use of indoor plants, to the demarcation and design of different functional areas. That’s why IWG Regus offers companies the flexibility to shape and design individual office space according to their own needs with the “Design Your Own Office” concept.

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Author: Stefanie Luerken, Country Manager Germany and Sales Director, Regus Management GmbH
Thanks to her many years of experience in the rapid consumer goods industry, including various positions in, among other things, marketing, sales and management at Coca-Cola, Stefanie Luerken is familiar with rapid adaptations to a rapidly changing world. This experience helped her navigate the IWG Regus business stably through the Corona crisis last year

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