Crypto-startup Coinpanion also wants to know it in Germany and starts with a smart concept

The Austrian crypto startup is not yet the size of Bitpanda or Trade Republic – but it scores and grows with an interesting differentiation.

What should appeal to the masses in the vast field of cryptocurrencies should work very simply. Without messing around, without having to decide on a hot or cold wallet and without knowing the difference between public key and private key. Things that are expected to be a matter of course for advanced users are fast becoming deadly criteria for beginners and inexperienced users.

Several FinTechs and neo-brokers have internalized this moment of simplicity, for example the crypto app Bison in Germany or Swissquote in Switzerland very early on. In a slightly different and above all expanded form, the crypto-neo-broker Coinpanion also follows this recipe: Trade easily, quickly and securely with cryptocurrencies.

A special feature of the Viennese start-up could also inspire the current start in Germany.

Where is Metaverse please?

Those who know will never ask this question, they already know. NFT supporters also know the paths to their desired investments. Only: Contemporaries who are not particularly interested and therefore not necessarily adequately informed – it is the largest of all conceivable groups – do not (yet) know these paths. However, the terms Metaverse and NFT are known to them as the “new big” – which can hardly be avoided given the media hype surrounding these technologies.

If investors in this largest group would like to invest in these future technologies without detailed knowledge, a click on, for example, Coinpanion on the “NFT & Metaverse” portfolio is sufficient. This portfolio includes crypto projects that help build the Metaverse ecosystem, i.e. NFT infrastructures, virtual reality and gaming projects.

There are other portfolios for DeFi (decentralized finance) as well as for a collection of coins, tokens and projects with different risks under the labels “cautious”, “balanced” or “adventurous”. All of these portfolios are supported by a different combination of coins and tokens, and the mix of cryptocurrencies and stocks is displayed for each portfolio. If you want to bet on a single card, you can do so with the two 100 percent portfolios Bitcoin or Ethereum.

In short, Coinpanion brings the simplicity of stock ETFs to the world of digital assets

The portfolio offers as compositions that can be used and invested instantly, are cleverly thought out because they set up guides for inexperienced crypto enthusiasts and provide ready-made investment packages geared to different temperaments and inclinations. In addition, the inherent diversification may to some extent even out or spread the risks that still exist due to the high volatility of cryptocurrencies.

Alexander ValtingojerCEO and co-founder of Coinpanion, summarizes the concept of the neo-broker and the idea of ​​the portfolios with the following statement:

“We want to appeal to people who, on the one hand, do not know how to take advantage of developments in the crypto market, and on the other hand do not have the time or interest to keep track of things themselves. In short, Coinpanion brings the simplicity of stock ETFs to the world of digital assets. ”

Create obstacles and trade on the selected device

The obstacles are low, investments can be made from 50 euros. Savings schemes and automated investments are part of the offer. In addition, depending on the customer group, there is one point that is often massively underestimated: Investors can choose whether they feel safe trading cryptocurrencies on their smartphone or on the big screen of their PC.

The Viennese startup Coinpanion, which was first founded in 2019, is now officially launching in Germany and establishing another office in Berlin. In order for customers not to have to deal with private keys or wallets, deposits and withdrawals, transactions and storage of their investments are organized via two established banks, the bank houses Scheich (Tradias) and von der Heydt are on board. As a result, questions about deposit protection or compliance are also answered and off the table.

The Coinpanion platform is open to investors from various countries, including Switzerland.

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