Crafts and design 2022: Finally fantastic again 6 – 10 July 2022

“Håndværket & Design” offers international handicrafts their own forum within the framework of the international handicraft fair. From handmade spectacle frames to porcelain lampshades, from award-winning watches to the special show of young artistic talents: From 6 to 10 July 2022, Hall B5 will for the first time offer visitors handmade products of the highest quality and only once in the summer.

Despite the pandemic and the postponement of dates: “Craft & Design” will take place in 2022 in the tried and tested form at the Munich Exhibition Center. The only change: this year the meeting place is Hall B5, centrally located just after the eastern main entrance. At 11,000 square meters, almost 400 participants present creative craftsmanship of the highest quality, produced as stand-alone or in small series. This is where masterful technical execution meets a strong awareness of good design. Individual, sustainable and made in small local businesses, the handmade products combine the topics of the hour. Here you can discover things that can not be found in any catalog.

Luxury for everyday life: handmade and very trendy

The focus is on fashion and textile work as well as jewelry. But glass, ceramics, wood, paper and many other materials and crafts can also be experienced.

Carpets, for example, are very much in vogue at the moment: After a phase with bare parquet and smooth tiled floors, many people now want something a little more cozy underfoot. is an example of this Michelle Mohr and her handmade wool rugs ( Wool is extremely warm, dirt-repellent, washable and environmentally friendly: It textile designer from Wendland work with wool from sheep from their area so that transport routes remain short.

Individuality becomes at Achim Hackemesser fromunique glasses with capital letters. His glasses made of natural horn, aluminum and leather ( are real eye-catchers. The frame and lenses come from a single source at the certified optician and can be manufactured according to the customer’s requirements. Machining by CNC milling is deliberately avoided here, rather it is the traces of manual machining that give the finished glass its character.

Real manual work also belongs Watchmaker Rainer Brand to the core business ( His award-winning wristwatches manage without any intrusive decoration. This also applies to the movement: informally and with a velvety matte surface, it focuses entirely on the beauty of the clear construction. After all, anyone who chooses a mechanical watch these days, handmade by a watchmaker you can talk to in person, is also a statement in favor of craftsmanship.

Exemplary for the high quality of craftsmanship and design on “Craft & Design” is also CUT jewelry from Nuremberg ( The two silversmiths and gold and master silversmithDavid Dot and Anne Fischer studied at the art academy after their apprenticeship as a craftsman. Her necklace pendant, earrings and cufflinks reproduce the edges of the carved gemstones as fine relief lines. The two work exclusively with recycled gold and silver.

Luxury for everyday life also comes from Claudia Biehne’s porcelain study from Leipzig ( The potter studied at the famous art academy Burg Giebichenstein in Halle. She makes not only sculptures of white gold, but also lampshades. For porcelain has a special property: if it is made thin enough, it is translucent.

Selected expertise with a concentrated offer

To guarantee the high quality of the exhibited works, all the exhibitors at «Craft & Design» were hand-picked. The designers and creators are responsible for their products – literally: they are on site and available for questions and discussions.

Particularly interesting for young visitors: the theme area “Paths to Design” by Coburg Design Forum Oberfranken eV ( The focus here is on the next generation and training opportunities in Bavaria. Anyone who plays with the idea of ​​a craft subject and has a special interest in design can find out here what the path to a craft can look like. Apprentices from Bavarian schools for wood, metal and stone processing as well as for the design of glass, jewelery and wicker are on site and provide an insight into their education and subjects.

“Craft & Design” is an important forum for handmade products with a special focus on design. In addition to individual producers, more and more associations therefore use the opportunity to present themselves at the fair and present their concentrated knowledge to the visitors. From Bavaria, for example GEDOK Munich registered association included ( The association promotes professional artistic women. A first-class selection of works by the members is presented by Bavarian Arts and Crafts Association ( including all winners and finalists of the annual BKV Prize for Young Arts and Crafts.

Also it Professional associations for applied arts in Berlin, Brandenburg, Lower Saxony and Rhineland-Palatinate as well as other craft organizations from Hesse and Saxony come to Munich to present their members’ work on “Craft & Design” – and of course to measure themselves a little with their colleagues on the spot.

World-class special shows

Top international works of creative crafts and applied arts bring together those organized by the Chamber of Crafts for Munich and Upper Bavaria Special shows EXEMPLA, SCHMUCK and TALENT – the champions of the future. Experts and professionals travel from all over the world to see the most innovative work in the industry.

The special thing about this year: After repeated postponements, it has EXAMPLE finally celebrating their 50th anniversary. In addition to new developments, a “best of” from previous fairs will therefore also be shown: Exhibitors who have had particular success with the public in recent decades were invited to the fair again – with further developed products, of course! Of Glassware builder Sigi Franz from Burghausen, for example, impressed the public a few years ago with both glassware for laboratories and glass artworks. He has already handed over his business “Glaspunkt” ( to younger hands. Now the sequels are there and show how they shape the future.

They have been real spectators for decades “Living workshops” EXAMPLE. Artists and artisans will also be working on site this year. Such Goldsmith Bettina Dittlmann, who recently won the prestigious Danner Award. She will demonstrate the technique of enameling in a small studio oven, and she and her husband Michael Jank will forge their “forever rings” live and on the spot: classically broken from a single piece of metal.

Despite the most difficult travel conditions, it is The Japanese barrel manufacturer Hisanori Tanaka came to EXEMPLA to demonstrate his craft: Hisanori Tanaka is known for its barrels made of cedar and bamboo, but also vessels for rice and vegetables or whirlpools, made using a 200-year-old technique: Tanaka not only holds vessels with his hands, but also with his feet. So he works “with all four”.

Young designers up to the age of 35 are at the special exhibition TALENTS – the masters of the future to discover. The most promising artists from 30 countries with fresh ideas, material exploration and questions for traditional thinking were selected from hundreds of applications from all areas from glass to textiles to paper and wood. Here it is quite clear what diverse possibilities lie in craftsmanship and design.

The special show JEWELRY is still considered the most important show in modern artistic jewelry more than 60 years after its founding. This year it was curated by Australian artist Helen Britton. The traditional small solo exhibition at SCHMUCK this year is dedicated to Robert Baines. The Australian is considered a modern alchemist, whose vast knowledge of metalworking forms the basis of his untraditional jewelry.

More international jewelry art is on the stands FRAME to see: Some of the most important jewelry galleries in the world will meet here, from fixed points on the stage like Galerie Marzée from Amsterdam, Platina from Stockholm or Rosemarie Jäger from Hochheim to brand new galleries, for example from Paris.

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