Arnsberg / Sundern: Children must be able to defend themselves

Arnsberg / Sundern.
In the new day care year, Sparkassenstiftung supports another 15 “HeldenStark” courses for preschool children.

“We make preschool children strong” – this is the slogan used by the Sparkasse Arnsberg-Sundern Foundation and resilience and self-assurance trainer Julia Pauli to announce the new edition of this year’s “HeldenStrong courses”.

Due to the huge demand from the previous year – here the Sparkassenstiftung had financed 30 training courses with more than 9000 euros – a further 15 courses for day care institutions in Arnsberg and Sundern must be supported and offered by the foundation.

In the training in resilience and self-assertion, children learn to deal with crises, conflicts and difficult situations successfully. How they fight less, it has more often well and effectively equips itself against bullying.

The exercises are varied and actively involve the children: Jonas, who is otherwise so hot in the head, now behaves calmly as Max provokes him again instead of attacking him directly. Leon, who was previously quite shy, now tells other children clearly, aloud and clearly what he wants. Therefore, he is almost never annoyed.

Julia Pauli: “It’s fascinating how some children change over the course of the course”

Julia Pauli is very happy that Sparkassenstiftung will be involved again in the coming day care year, because she sees again and again what the HeldenStark education does with the children: “It is fascinating how clearly some children change during the course. Some kids can not look me in the eye in the first lesson. At the end of the course, not only has their posture changed, but the children say out loud and clear what they want. They stay on the ball and are not deterred. “

One of the most important things that is taught: Children should not defend themselves loudly when verbally provoked or offended, but remain calm and walk away. As a rule, the angry child loses interest so quickly and the quarrel is nipped in the bud. “For many children, this is an absolute aha moment in the process, as they often hear from the adults around them: You can not find yourself in it! You have to fight back! ” says Pauli.

Ernst-Michael Sittig: “Kindergarten children become very strong heroes”

In Julia Pauli’s eyes, preschool age is ideal for “sowing seeds in the kids” with self-assertion training. Still the big ones in the kindergarten, the preschool children in the schoolyard are the little ones who have to assert themselves towards the elderly. Ideally, there will be continuing education in the school, which expands on what is learned according to age.

“The great demand from the facilities and the positive feedback from children, parents and educators from the already completed educational courses have given us a clear picture. The HeldenStark courses unfold their effect, promote self-assertion and self-confidence in the children and make kindergarten children very strong heroes, “explains Ernst-Michael Sittig, board member of the foundation.

Day care institutions from Arnsberg and Sundern can now register

Day care institutions from Arnsberg and Sundern who are interested in HeldenStark courses for their preschool children can apply via the Sparkassenstiftung’s website ( until 20 May.

A maximum of two courses can be funded for up to 15 children each per. facility, minimum for one course is five children. For each 4-hour course, there is only a small personal contribution of 49 euros (plus travel expenses) to the day care institutions.

“With our fund, we cover most of the costs for the 15 training sessions with a total funding of more than 4,500 euros. If there are more applicants than training courses, facilities that have not benefited from a HeldenStark course in the last round will be considered first, ”adds Jürgen Schwanitz, chairman of the Sparkassenstiftung.

The precondition for support is that there is a non-profit association in the day care institution or that the sponsor is a non-profit limited company.

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