Trial in Berlin: 26 children abused – Twelve years in prison and preventive detention

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Children abused: 12 years in prison and preventive detention

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The man had abused 26 little boys as a child friend or babysitter. For years, parents did not suspect anything.

Berlin. The youngest victim was only seven months old: A 28-year-old was sentenced to a total of twelve years in prison and subsequent preventive detention because he abused 26 little boys as a child friend or babysitter. Berlin city court on Thursday found him guilty of 95 sexual assaults. The man “made a great effort to provide childcare,” the presiding judge said. Some of the victims were mentally retarded children.

The alleged German was found guilty, among other things, of particularly serious sexual abuse of children in seven cases, of serious abuse in 50 cases and of abuse of wards. In addition, the accused had made child pornographic recordings in most cases. The attacks in the period January 2015 to March 2020 took place in apartments or on public toilets on trips.

The man was placed with the families of a non-profit corporation

The affected boys, aged between seven months and eight years, were handed over to the man who is said to have worked as a lighting technician. According to investigations, he must have been placed in the families as a volunteer child attendant by a non-profit GmbH, in other cases he was hired by his parents via the internet as a babysitter and looked after children at home for hours. The victims were little boys who were unable to tell about the attacks.

Despite careful investigation, the parents had not become suspicious, the verdict read. An anonymous tip finally made the process roll. During a search of the 28-year-old’s apartment, police found child pornographic image and video files. An investigation team was formed due to the scale of the crimes. “All the children in the picture could be identified.” In addition, an accomplice who is said to have been involved in three crimes was arrested.

The man has a pedophile disorder

The judge said the accused should be placed in preventive custody after serving his sentence because of the risk of recidivism. This is due to an existing slope. The man has a pedophile disorder that has been known for years but has not yet been treated. The court assessed, among other things, the defendant’s advantage that he had confessed.

Some parents came to hear the verdict. A co-prosecutor’s lawyer said in passing that two district offices had mediated the accused. When selecting and recommending supervisors, it must be carefully checked and carefully reviewed for an extended certificate of good conduct. According to the lawyer, his clients did not know that the man had a criminal record for theft. “They would never have locked him in their apartment.”

At the start of the trial two months ago, the competent juvenile delinquency chamber had barred the public from the further main hearing before the indictment was read out. However, the public was allowed to hear the verdict.

The prosecution had demanded a total of 14 years and six months in prison and the ruling on pre-trial detention. Defendants asked for a sentence of less than ten years. The verdict is not yet legally binding.

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