Thursday: New York vs. cryptomining, more users, less profits for meta

In the US state of New York, cryptocurrency operations must be restricted if the necessary energy production is harmful to the environment. This applies to various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The Meta Group welcomes the growing number of users, but must also accept lower sales growth and declining earnings. Nevertheless, the stock price is rising. IT specialists can earn an above-average amount in the banking industry because banking business is becoming increasingly digital, closing branches and closing many jobs – the most important reports in a nutshell.

No new permits for exhaust gases, especially for exploration energy-intensive cryptocurrencies in US State of New York give, the lower house of the state decided. Only cryptocurrencies based on “proof of work“, which requires a lot of energy and leads to centralization in the case of cryptocurrencies, which are actually believed to be decentralized. The most prominent example is Bitcoin: New York’s lower house wants to curb environmentally harmful crypto mine operations.

that user numbers by Facebook group Meta is at the beginning of the year grown faster, following a recession in late 2021. In March, 1.96 billion users gained access to Facebook every day. In December, that number had fallen by one million to 1.93 billion. The user boom at Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram is from slightly increased sales and markedly declining profits accompanied. Meta’s share price continues to rise as the number of users on the Facebook group Meta grows: “More people than ever before”.

If there is an industry where digitization show both their faces openly, then they are them banks. In the last 20 years, approx 220,000 jobs lost. The digitalisation of banking business means that mainly simple activities are being phased out while others are being added. These are especially IT specialists with above-average salaries: IT professionals in banks – there is no shortage of salaries.

It has a group of researchers meteorites the last two Found basic building blocks of DNA and RNA and thus showed a way in which the fundamentals of all life once came to earth. This was possible thanks to a particularly careful and sensitive method of analysis. This is not proof that the new life on earth in fact once helped from space was, but found will help with further research: All DNA and RNA bases found as the basic building blocks for life in meteorites.

For code analysis Microsoft more Vulnerabilities in Linux discovered through which attackers could gain root rights on, for example, a Linux desktop system and thus take control of it. To do this, they had to link the vulnerabilities that Microsoft named Nimbuspwn bundles, and eventually could Malicious software such as backdoors set up or perform other malicious root privileges: Microsoft finds root holes in Linux.

In the future, online users need to be better protected on the Internet in Europe. Digital Services Act (Act on digital servicesDSA) gives high European Union for stricter and European joint oversight of online platforms. But opinions on the “digital constitution” are vastly different. What exactly does DSA mean for Internet users in Europe? Will Democracy and freedom on the Internet really strengthened? remain anonymity the user guarantees? We talk about this and other issues in a new section of #heiseshow: Digital Services Act – must Facebook & Co. get together now?

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