Natural Doze relies on Studio Oeding for sustainability and design


Natural Doze is committed to Sustainability & Design at Studio Oeding

Hamburg, 27 April 2022. For the market access strategy for Natural Doze, innovative dietary supplements in the form of vegan soft drops, international designer Katrin Oeding developed the company’s design and a sustainable packaging design with her Design Solution Manufactory.

Natural Doze’s vegan Soft Drops support a healthy lifestyle with a daily dose of vitamins, minerals and nutrients – with lots of flavor and joy. With the currently 6 different vitamin drops, the lifestyle brand offers a vegan, delicious alternative to conventional tablets and capsules. The soft drops are carefully made using a low temperature process and the important nutrients are absorbed naturally when they are sucked and chewed. Natural flavors ensure the taste of Natural Doze’s gluten-free and allergen-free drops.

Sustainability, naturalness and liveliness were the main driving forces behind the identity label’s identity development and design. Based on the jointly developed assortment structure, which creates an order system with clear differentiation between the types thanks to an intensive color code. The color of each product is inspired by the fruit that gives the taste. The result is a fresh, bright and optimistic world of color that visualizes a positive attitude towards life. This cheerfulness is also reflected in the unmistakable word and image mark * with chewing gum shape, interface design and communication.

* existing naming

The daily dose of purely vegetable, highly concentrated vitamins, minerals and nutrients must also be an experience in relation to packaging and complete the brand concept in the highly sustainable orientation of the packaging design. The components are well thought out and sustainable: the labels are made of cane sugar fiber, hemp and flax, the jar is made of recycled PET (RPET), and the box is made of FSC-certified recycled paper. For smaller order quantities, the box is also the shipping box, which is not glued but only inserted. All in all, a packaging design concept was created that appeals to the target group in a positive and optimistic way and enables the latest sustainability and recycling standards in material selection.

Studio Oeding took care of Natural Doze holistically. In addition to the company’s design, logo design and packaging design, we have also realized communication, campaigns, footage and interface design of the store and support for social media.

Katrin Oeding, CEO of Studio Oeding GmbH, about the design concept:

“Our task was to give a new dietary supplement brand an identity and combine it with a sustainable product concept. The positive lifestyle is conveyed with a color concept and optimistic charisma in all design disciplines. This is how the young brand creates the necessary attention in the established market for dietary supplements. ”

Leon Ellerbrock, co-founder and CEO of Natural Doze GmbH, about the collaboration with Katrin Oeding:

“We deliberately chose Katrin and her team because it is a challenging task to combine sustainability with innovative design. Our challenge was a brand away Health food charm and the pharmacy shelf with a lifestyle and a lot of zest for life. Katrin has experience in both disciplines, which is a plus for us. ”

About Natural Doze:

Natural Doze is a functional unisex lifestyle product line that conveys health with joy and without compromise. The Hamburg startup, founded by Leon Ellerbrock in 2021, pursues the mission of combining food, functionality and sustainability in a new type of product. The founder has a food and drink background with him, as he comes from a Hamburg trading family that has been active in this area since 1879, but Leon wanted to completely rethink F&B. For the founder, the future lies in functional products like Natural Doze, which combine conventional foods with nutrients. They give people benefits for their everyday health in an uncomplicated way. The company is constantly investing in further development of the product range.

About Studio Oeding:

Design Solution Manufactory was founded in 2011 by internationally renowned designer Katrin Oeding. Studio Oeding works with the aim of rethinking design for international and national customers. How to create brand strategies, corporate identities, product design, packaging design as well as interfaces and innovations with vision. The study works conceptually, substantially and consistently. Katrin Oeding has received more than 400 international and national design awards for her work and is a jury member at international design festivals such as Cannes Lions, D&AD, Eurobest and national ADC. More information at:

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